Never tempt Karma to pay a visit...

Never tempt Karma to pay a visit…

Even though I am well aware that the world isn’t exactly a fair place (with bad things happening to many good people), there is a key force at play which is pegged to our deeds.

This is my fifth year in business and I have loved the challenge of surviving, succeeding and staying successful on the mean streets of Sydney. I have seen small people rise, big people fall and many come and go from our community in one way or another.

With everything I have seen and learned as of late – I have really seen how people’s bad deeds just catch up with them and leave them in big trouble.

Reflecting back on people who have done awful deeds, they aren’t doing too well (especially a few years on). This includes anything like using people without paying them, high school immature back stabbing, using someone then flicking them on or even worse – slandering and making up stories about people that just aren’t true.

The people who have been dispensing bad karma I know today are getting their butts kicked. From people not hiring them, to people not liking them, to even people legally retaliating – the ‘bad people’ are having a bad time.

Sure, I feel for anyone that suffers – but the bad people who are getting their butts kicked get anything but sympathy from anyone else. I don’t think as well that ‘Karma’ is necessarily some kind of mystical concept as well – it’s quite pragmatic.

If you push someone around or hurt them – some will take it, and some will retaliate. Others will see it too, often take the side of the victim and go after the enemy within that started it all.

Talking positively, the people who do great things, look after others have few enemies (and when enemies act, it’s usually out of ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’ and not anything rational). When good people get attacked, people leap to their defence so the attacker fails even more.

My advice and lessons? Karma is out there regardless of whatever you believe. Do the right thing because it’s good for everyone and society – and you will me more likely to attract the nice side of Karma to your cause. If you have done the wrong thing (which we all have at some point), apologise, do lots of great deeds and balance it out.

Otherwise, just be kind and awesome. Bad things will still happen to you as is life, but you will at least reduce the odds.

Here’s to Karma! I better be a good boy today lol



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