It's working! Less words equals more strength.

It’s working! Less words equals more strength.

I am quite proud of myself in the respect of a new Facebook Advertisement I recorded during the week and got live this morning.

My last Facebook Advertising video was good in terms of engagement and people liking my posts – but it didn’t sell as much as I would like. With my own growth and development I have found that strength and directness if everything.

I have really learned that when it comes to selling services and making that ‘profitable connection’ with people is that you have to be really straight up and direct.

For example – ages ago to promote my Awesome Marketing Vault in a FB advertisement, I would have said:

+ “Ready for more High Value Profitable Clients? The Awesome Marketing Vault is full of proven Sales & Marketing Strategies giving you ideas to help you grow your business and create the life you deserve. Learn more at”

+ Make Life Happen with Awesome Marketing Vault @

The second advertisement just works that much better than the first and I have applied that exact same logic in my videos to get better engagement and results.

My advice and thinking? In your advertising be so direct and straight up so people just know what you do and why it’s wonderful.

Don’t waste words. Use less, make it hit people hard and make it strong. It’s done wonders for me and I bet it will help you.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!



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