Microsoft on the move

Pokharel Pramita from Microsoft - she totally got my passion.

Pramita Pokharel from Microsoft – she totally got my passion.

Tonight has been a very special night for me for a range of reasons. I spent time with my awesome wife today, hit the Parramatta Chamber, probably picked up a client and also met Pramita Pokharel from Microsoft there.

Yes, I met someone from Microsoft and I was almost starstruck. I got their Sydney CBD Flagship store all the time, use my Surface 3 Pro with pride and I proved to her my commitment to the cause by having my Surface 3 Pro on me and showing her some of my Facebook Videos I have done there.

It’s funny reflecting on Microsoft in that they are now (if not already) becoming a very cool brand. They have great staff, the store in Pitt St is wonderful and they are out in the community meeting people and spreading the word.

This got me all thinking about technology from a range of viewpoints and bringing it back to Marketing, it shows that you have to be progressive to stay current.

Bringing Apple into the discussion, they have lost market share in key areas (easily found on Google) and whenever you talk to once Apple loyalists, you get more apathy than the passion they once exuded.

As I spoke to Pramita from Microsoft, I realised I have become a Microsoft fantastic without even noticing. I think about Microsoft all the time, use my Tablet with pride, get excited at Apple losing it’s cool status and I asked myself why. In simple terms:

Microsoft is a passionate, intelligent company on the move with the latest technology and a culture of innovation.

That makes it a very attractive company to like and no wonder I am into it (as well as many others).

Bringing it back to ourselves, my take on this one? Innovation and Growth is a sexy thing and it’s very lovable. Microsoft is on a mission and there you go – I am sure their footprint is totally expanding.

I want to put as much ‘Microsoft Passion’ into my own business as much as possible. The more progressive we are, the more people shall love us and the more people will want to hire us. Great marketing in my book – and a fine lesson to remember.

Love your work, thanks for the read, please share and stay awesome.