Microsoft - been there for me through all seasons in life...

Microsoft – been there for me through all seasons in life…

Ever since I was young boy, I had a thing for computers. I never ever chased girls in the school yard, I was more chasing my friends and learning about the latest games and that coming out.

I think I may have been about 11 years old at the time where I encountered the dreaded Apple iie. It was this piece of junk at school and I sweared by the IBM 286 (which run early versions of MS DOS).

Even before I came of age, I was having debates about the awesomeness of PC’s and how great Microsoft was. As the years passed, we saw the ‘temporary’ rise of Apple. I remember the iPod’s, the iPads and they did knock us around quite a bit.

Poor Microsoft was regarded as a bit of a boring work brand and it had it’s rough days.

But then it all changed. The changes started coming out about the time of Windows 8 and when Windows 10 hit last year, Microsoft wasn’t only back in vogue – it was clearly leading the technology races and was very cool.

These days things have changed even more, Apple is almost out of the business arena and Microsoft has totally transformed the way we use mobile computing with it’s legendary Surface Pro series (in particular the 3 & 4).

If I reflect on my life with Microsoft, it’s been a time of highs, lows and now really massive highs. It’s been anything from working away on MS DOS, to playing Halo on the XBOX, right through to me tonight going to play XCOM2 on my Windows 10 PC.

Basically, Microsoft has been a key part of my life and it’s just awesome. It’s even more inspiring to be in the Flagship Store in Sydney CBD where Microsoft is cool. I had a personal tour behind the scenes there today and it was wonderful.

My advice and lessons? Microsoft rocks and it’s been part of my life because it is so helpful. I am a fan boy and it rocks. I am sure there are going to be many more great times ahead with me and Microsoft.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!



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