It’s 3:08PM as I write this blog and in less than 9 hours it shall be […]
After cooking breakfast, lots of ironing, cleaning and the like (typical on a day off for […]
You don’t need me to tell you 2016 was one of the craziest years in living […]
I am very blessed to know the awesome Executive Mentor Paul Simos all the way from […]
I am very upset as I write this article. I bet you already know, the tragic […]
It’s 3:02PM and I am back at home sitting at my PC. About 3 metres to […]
It’s 2:41PM and I am with my growing family now and it’s a great feeling. We […]
Awesome friends; its 3:08PM and I am sitting downstairs in the beautiful atrium at Westmead Private […]
It’s been a time of great emotions and positivity for us. My awesome wife had our […]
I met a new coming client yesterday for a great coffee / late light breakfast. I quite […]
It’s 3:08PM as I write this fine blog on a Thursday afternoon and I am very […]
This is more or less my last day of meeting clients for the week before Christmas. […]