It's time for a massive year of wins! (Credit iOS)

It’s time for a massive year of wins! (Credit iOS)

It’s 3:08PM as I write this blog and in less than 9 hours it shall be 2017. I am pumped for next year with a sense of well-founded optimism.

My biggest gains came through in late 2016 with great improvements to my marketing kicking in and delivering massive results. I quite like that in the respect that some of my earlier years I would approach the following year with a sense of foreboding.

For you it may be fear, hope or even a sense of neutrality. To be straight up with you all; to a point it doesn’t matter what results you got in 2016 in that 2017 is another year.

You may have brought in a stack of wins and my reaction to that is:

– “You’re awesome, however you must go even harder and bring in more in 2017”

You may have had lots of losses and are bummed out (been there). My reaction to that is:

– “You’re awesome, however it’s time to dig deep and get some wins in next year”

Either way, the New Year gives us all the same opportunity in time. Regardless of our wealth, emotional strength, support, skin colour, religious orientation or even if we are pro awesome Trump; we all have the same amount of time in 2017.

What I have been doing and I strongly advocate is sitting back and really thinking through all of your wins and losses in 2017. “Why did they happen and what can you learn from them?” is the key operative question I keep asking myself.

It’s really important to reflect on that so those answers influence your play for a massive year.

Talking Marketing in more detail too; which strategies brought in the bacon for you? For me it was high value networking events, running events, Facebook, Email Marketing and meeting people one on one. That knowledge is what I am going to double up on and build on near year.

My advice and thinking? Get ready on both tangible and emotional levels to win big in 2017. That is exactly my plan with an expanding family and lots of items on my bucket list that must be resolved ASAP.

Love your work, thanks for the read, stay awesome and god bless you!

P.S. Thank you iOS and Apple for the inspiration on this one!



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