Don't mess with the Russian's Comrade Obama!

Don’t mess with the Russian’s Comrade Obama! (Credit – Russian Embassy UK Twitter Page)

After cooking breakfast, lots of ironing, cleaning and the like (typical on a day off for me); I sat down and thought ‘Oh Cawd! What am I going to blog about today?’

Facebook was quickly to the rescue on this one with what has been one of the most ironically funniest posts I have seen in a long time. The Russian Embassy is trolling the Obama Administration.

If you haven’t heard the news, basically the Democrats, Obama and the Mass Media are blaming all the ills in the world on the ‘Russians’.

The Russians hacked this, the Russians did this, the Russians hit me, the Russians ate my homework etc. I think what really ticked off the Obama Regime and the Democrats was Putin standing up to him and doing his best to influence the election with anything from supporting Trump right through the stories pumped out by RT (‘Russia Today’).

With forgetting that the Ex-Soviets have some of the best firepower in the world for the moment; it’s hilarious watching Russians do what Russians to well – give it back by trolling and making fun of their foes.

Let that sink in for the moment; you have one of the world’s superpowers (remember they got into space first) taking to Twitter to attack via humiliation the President of the US. It’s pretty funny actually in the respect that everyone is talking about it and what can the Obama Regime do about it?

Just reporting on it makes the US establishment look silly and on a further note it makes Trump even stronger.

My lessons from the awesome Russian Embassy? Sometimes in business and life you can get pitted against an organisation, person or an agenda. I remember in Australia us collectively fighting the oppressive Carbon Tax and later on Julia Gillard herself. Our key weapon wasn’t the facts; it was ridicule.

Facts are important and the basis of anything, however when you are going after the establishment or another faction you need a mixture of moves. Facts, ridicule, jokes – anything that is fun that brings light to your issue and makes the opposition look silly. Remember that no one is immune to trolling, not even the President himself 🙂

Talking you and me in business there are lots of lessons from this. Of course be nice to people and the like, but is there something silly in the world you can pick on with fun to make yourself known and win the game?

Hmm…It’s got me thinking.

Love your work Russia and thank you for the read!



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