Paul Simos in the flesh and totally in the zone.

Paul Simos in the flesh and totally in the zone.

I am very blessed to know the awesome Executive Mentor Paul Simos all the way from Vietnam. He is an Aussie who lives over there that helps ex-pats and high profile locals achieve the ‘big vision’ in their lives. Paul puts amazing posts on Facebook that really get you thinking on a deeper level and I am impressed at his ‘Spiritual’ side of business.

This guest blog is amazing and enjoy:

The Spiritual Game of Business:

Imagine you are working with a full book of lovely delicious clients. They are all so easy going in the fact that they listen to your advice, take action, pay their fees on time and when you are working with them it’s like spending valuable time with your best mate.

Now, is this the type of experience that many business owners are enjoying most days?

Is this following scenario closer to home? You’re struggling to find clients and when you do find them they are usually the ones that no one else wants. They are high maintenance, complain a lot and you feel stressed and guilty about reminding them to pay their long overdue bills. You start to believe that you’re not worth decent clients and when you take a loss from a major customer you start to entertain the idea of shutting the business down.

So what does all of this have to do with the Spiritual Game of Business?

Simply put, our businesses are an extension of who we are. Our Business will reflect back to us what we are doing wonderfully well and not so well. Our business will reflect back to us what thinking and behaviour we must change, what new procedures we need to adopt.

It’s all feedback for us to correct our thinking and behaviour to increase our own awareness and results.

Let’s take the example of using Facebook as a marketing tool for 2 businesses in the same industry. Is FB working well for some businesses? Yes. Alternatively, is not working well for other businesses? Yes. So we have evidence in reality of 2 different results in the same industry.

This is feedback about our results on FB.

What I have found over the years working with numerous C level business owners and managers is that strategy is important but more so is their MINDSET.

Once you have a powerful strong MINDSET that FB (this example) will work for your business you will find the right strategy to get the results.

Success in Business and life comes down to Psychology – 80% and Mechanics – 20%

I have coached clients who truly believed that FB does not work for them. Once we were able to shift that MINDSET their behaviour and results started to change immediately, that’s how quick it can be.

Change the way you see the world (Paradigm shift) and your behaviour becomes less resistant to achieve your desired results.

The more effort we spend working on ourselves using business and life as a feedback mechanism to correct our thinking and behaviour our desired results will be forth coming.

Action Steps:

Pick one part of your business or life where you would like to increase your results.

–          List 5 major beliefs you have in that area.

–          Choose one of those beliefs you would like to change.

–          Create the new belief that you would like to adopt.

–          Keep that new belief on the top of your mind for the next 7 days.

–          Think, breathe and talk about this new belief.

–          Observe your behaviour and results change as your new belief takes hold.

We all have unlimited power inside of us to Co-create into our lives all that we want.

“Those who go within, never go without”

About Paul:

Paul Simos is an Executive Life Coach / Health Coach / Mentor working with C level business owners and managers in person and via Skype. He works with people’s behaviour using NLP, Hypnosis and many other supportive tools & techniques to overcome limiting beliefs and installing new positive beliefs to create the desired outcomes for his clients.

To learn more about Paul’s work visit, Paul Simos FB or email



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