RIP Carrie Fisher. Love your work! (Image Credit - The Force Awakens)

RIP Carrie Fisher. Love your work! (Image Credit – The Force Awakens)

I am very upset as I write this article. I bet you already know, the tragic news of Carrie Fisher has come out.

From being a young boy and telling my mum at the cinemas how ‘pretty’ Carrie Fisher is right through to admiring her brilliance in fighting for equality; she has been one of those amazing people that has made a massive impact on my life.

I am of course a big Star Wars fan and it was an honour to see her in the recent Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Seeing her make what now was her final come back was not only an honour – like Sir Alec Guinness in the original Star Wars; it brought that serious sense of credibility to the film.

Carrie Fisher has been one of those actresses who was brilliant and obviously had some troubled times. What I found amazing about her was how open, honest and free thinking she was in what she dealt with.

In short, she was an amazing entertainer and human being that brought these three things to my own life.

– Equality: In a time where women still had meek roles in films, she was the beautiful – yet butt kicking Princess. Definitely paved the way for Sigourney Weaver to pick up a Pulse Rifle some time later.

– Transparency: She was one of the earliest actresses to come clean and discuss the problems of addictions and drugs faced in Hollywood and abroad. It takes guts to really come through and talk about your problems.

– Inspiration: I always found that Carrie herself was pretty much who she played as Princess / General Leia. Tough, fighting the system and being out to protect the underdog.

So thank you Carrie Fisher and #RIPCarrieFisher

You rock. Love your work and you shall be eternal!



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