Living at the hospital has got me thinking about surviving and fitting in anywhere...

Living at the hospital has got me thinking about surviving and fitting in anywhere…

It’s 2:41PM and I am with my growing family now and it’s a great feeling. We are still at the hospital for a few more days till we get out. The hospital now feels like home as it’s been a while and it has me thinking about how to make places work for you.

I have always been a lone solider / wanderer most of my life. It’s a very strange (yet awesome feeling) being part of an actual family structure and it has me reflecting on my life over the years.

I originally joined the Army as a Combat Engineer when I was 19 and at the age of 24; I left Melbourne to go to Hobart for a great job opportunity.

After being on my own for extended periods of time and going into different environments, occupations and structures I started to really understanding ‘Social Systems’ and how things work. I would have ‘nothing’ to go back too so my own survival would come from understanding how to thrive in new environments I am not from.

Humans are tribal creatures naturally and when we live in structured systems such as university, the workplace and the like. In each of these environments, people get to together and everyone has different roles and responsibilities. People at the top and of course many more at the bottom.

Usually you then get the ‘have’s’ and ‘have nots’ in the structure and when you start off at the bottom in any social system you are most likely the ‘have not’.

This inspired me on many levels in life and got me thinking about how to get the upper hand. When I first started in business, I was at the bottom and clearly a ‘have not’. These days I would consider myself in the middle of the ladder when it comes to Marketing Mentors & Coaches across Sydney and in terms of going up the latter – it starts with understanding the system you are in.

Talking Entrepreneurship and what I do; the power of Sydney really lies in the Business Chambers. You get the people running it, the inner circle, the outer circle and the people who are closer to the centre make more money (pure and simple).

For me and my own lessons is that the first step is understanding how things work and who does what in a given situation. To understand your environment I like to ask key questions such as:

– Who are the movers & shakers?

– Where is the money?

– How can I get to people with the money?

– What must I do to create interest in my services?

– How can I help people to get them on-board?

– How can I get accepted and be part of the fabric?

I have found many ways of doing this from inviting people to chambers, buying lots of lunches for people, giving away cool coffee cups and being as generous as possible.

It’s just worked and it’s a great one.

My advice and thinking friends? Before you plot your take over a system really understand it first. Figure out how you can fit into a given situation and where you can place yourself so it’s great for you.

To better you can work in an environment is the more likely you will get what you want. So go hard and understand before you take over.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!



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