It's been a great year and I have to thank Donald Trump for his inspiration. Loved it (Image Credit to Alabama Today)

It’s been a great year and I have to thank Donald Trump for his inspiration. Loved it (Image Credit to Alabama Today)

Awesome friends; its 3:08PM and I am sitting downstairs in the beautiful atrium at Westmead Private Hospital. My fine wife, new to the world daughter and indefatigable mother in law are resting up and I am blessed.

My year is not only physically but psychologically winding up for me and I am really thinking through and reflecting objectively on my wins and losses.

I did things where I took damage, but did more things where I made massive wins that took things ahead. I actually wanted to share them all with you – straight up and hope it stimulates some profitable reflection in yourself:

3 x Top Wins for 2016:

– Business Networking: Made a lot of money in the Business Chambers and high value networking events. I worked out that I make something like $400 per event that I go to on average.  More of them on the way.

– Facebook Videos, Posts & Ads: Superior technology and it’s made me very powerful beyond belief. I wouldn’t be anywhere without it.

– Workshop Commander: Going hard with events every fortnight has been incredible. New clients, massive exposure and it’s built a real community.

3 x Top Losses for 2016:

– Website: Took too long to get my website fabulous and converting. Got it in the end, but massive wasted opportunity.

– Got complacent with lots of big clients: Got in a stack, thought I was awesome. They finished up all at once, massive hit. Made a come-back, but life sucked for a good month.

– Got used: Fought off the dark troopers towards the end, but still let a few people take me for a ride and waste my time. I got even though, so all good.

My lessons and outlook for 2017?

Business has grown year on year and love it. Very proud of things in the end and for me to win in 2017 I must hit the ground running and go very hard. The more people your brand hits is the better. The more people you meet face to face to better. The more exposure you have the better. All of the little parts just add up and the better we do it the better for everyone.

My advice and thinking? Think through your top Wins & Losses and be really objective about it. Put strategies and ideas in place to give you a massive win.

Love your work, thank you for the read and Merry Christmas.



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