Holding 'Maddie' for the first time got me thinking...

Holding ‘Maddie’ for the first time got me thinking…

It’s been a time of great emotions and positivity for us. My awesome wife had our baby yesterday and it’s a baby girl! ‘Maddie’ is her name and it’s an absolute honour.

As a newly found dad, it’s been an experience of a massive emotional depth. From a very stereotyped male reaction of ‘I need to earn more money to pay for this’ right through to a more personal / emotional reaction of bonding with my new daughter; it’s been a great journey.

I have always had more of a business / marketing head about me and I have been thinking about a lot of the business experiences I have learned and applying it to what I going through on a personal level. What keeps coming up for me in that thought process is becoming more ‘agile’ in my thinking and style. Agile is a great word with multiple positive references to anything from project management techniques to being co-ordinated and speedy in what you do.

In terms of my own meaning in what I draw from the term isn’t so much how ‘fast’ I get something done, but how ‘fast I can change’. That is doing the wrong thing say 50% faster isn’t going to make me anymore successful, but doing the right thing (even slower) would make sense.

This experience has got me thinking on a very different level in terms of myself, my maturity and looking at myself with a strong mirror and reflecting on what I am doing well and where I need to lift my game.

It’s actually quite a liberating process in that it’s not a ‘Right / Wrong’ type of battle. I mean who cares if you are wrong right? I’d much rather be winning any day. To be it’s more of a conversation of ‘what do I need to change to make things better?’

The flowing on from that thinking is ‘how do I make the change faster?’

For me and my friends especially it has come from recognising several key concepts; 1) You must change for things to improve, 2) People naturally don’t like change and 3) You must consciously drive it. In fact, the more we drive it the sooner we get what we want.

My advice and thinking? Be more agile and change FASTER. Don’t be like my old self some years back cruising waiting for stuff to happen. It never does unless you MAKE IT.

Change faster, shed bad behaviours and up pick up new behaviours. For me; it’s being more productive, getting less ‘worked up’ and just doing what matters with smile and style.

So thank you Maddie! You already have made an impact on my own thinking.

Now is the time for change. So be ‘wrong’, but win!

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!



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  1. Congrats on the birth of little Maddie my friend.
    She will melt you hart & twist you around her little finger & then tomorrow she will be 18
    So enjoy the ride & the stress that goes with being a Dad to the little girl:)

    • Why thank you awesome Jeff and Happy 2017 to you. Yes, I am sure she will – I think she already knows how to work me over.

      Daddy, can I get a pony?

      Daddy, can I get a mercedes?

      I can’t wait.

      Love your work and see you soon Jeff 🙂

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