These holidays are a great chance to rest up. Big things ahead and my cat gets it!

These holidays are a great chance to rest up. Big things ahead and my cat gets it!

It’s 3:08PM as I write this fine blog on a Thursday afternoon and I am very excited with a productive & successful year and the fact my awesome wife is most likely going to have our baby tomorrow.

If you know my history and seen the journey of life I have traversed over the past few years, like many it can be a rocky ride at times. Interestingly for my 2016 it has ‘yes’ been rocky; but it has also been my most successful yet!

The first half of the year was extremely challenging business wise in that I made massive changes to the business. It includes a huge upgrade to the website, launching my Awesome Marketing Vault (Online Mentoring) and I really pushed myself to get across the whole of Sydney big time.

The results really have come pilling in at the end of this year with a lot of my previous work kicking in!

I am pumped and many of my great clients and friends have had similar experiences. That is we are winning and it’s been an arduous trek in achieving that. In other words if you ask me the question “Are you winning Ed?” – I would proudly answer “Yes I am and it’s hard!”

Like anything worth achieving it has a level of difficulty, otherwise everyone else would be doing it. Hence that is why you and I are entrepreneurs and we are high achievers. We work hard, we win and we love it!

As now its holiday’s time this is the perfect opportunity to rest up, smile and really think through our plans for 2017. I have been doing exactly that and I am totally pumped with the big opportunities available to all of us next year.

My advice and thinking? Rest up now friend!

2017 is going to rock and you want to be in the zone and setup for massive success. Does this mean get really fat and write yourself off over the holidays? No way J Get fit, get slim do what you need to do.

Thank you again for your support, big things ahead and stay awesome!



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