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Have MORE meetings!

If you want to win more, meet more wonderful people! (Thank you Andrew Third and Arthur Maraziotis for being my hot models!)

I love meeting wonderful people, especially my hot guy friends such as Andrew Third and Arthur Maraziotis!

As I write this blog, I am very happy in having several new wonderful people join my community. It always tends to happen in bursts, especially when I am just meeting lots of people.

Lately I have been speaking at more events, running my own and just being incredibly active in terms of getting out there, meeting people and getting as many ‘eyeballs’ on me as possible.

The amount of clients I have always had too has been directly linked to the amount of one on one meetings I have. It’s usually one out of three now, i.e. with my conversion rate being 33%.

Strangely enough, my actual conversion rate hasn’t moved much in all these years and my success comes down to having more meetings.

If you don’t have enough meetings there are lots of strategies to get them. I use a bit of everything to achieve this including:

–          People I know through business networking.

–          Referrals.

–          People that come via my website and enquire.

–          Those that know me on social media.

–          Speaking at events.

–          Offering discovery sessions at the end of my events.

–          AND EVERYWHERE!

The message is extremely simple and powerful, have more meetings! As we have more meetings we make new friends, get more clients, see more referrals come our way and get better & smarter at what we do.

My advice and thinking? Have more meetings!

Believe me, more meetings!

Love your work and enjoy friends!

P.S. Thank you Andrew Third and Arthur Maraziotis for being my wonderful models here!

The stacking of all your SMALL choices for BIG WINS!

Winning requires many things done well. Business, life and video games has taught me that well!

Winning requires many things done well. Business, life and video games has taught me that well!

I am a massive gamer.

I always have been since my very young days in that it’s kept me entertained as an only child, was a refuge for me during some tough years between homes and talking to the positive and now; I play games on my mobile phone.

I tend to be out a lot, walking to different places, on public transport or at times flying around the country; so mobile games work just the treat for me.

My favourite is ‘Star Wars: Commander’ which is my favourite is a strategic game being official from the Star Wars Universe. It is one where you build your base, build your armies, have your clan / squad and you go forth to attack other people around the world.

When you are logged on you are safe, but when you are logged off; your base is exposed to attack. Depending on how your base is setup and who you are fighting against, you may win or lose.

Losing has consequences and winning has benefits. When you turn your phone back on to log in, sometimes it’s an experience to see how you fared and how things played out.

I see lots of similarities in Star Wars: Commander that I do tend to in real life and entrepreneurship. Great games although are fictional, share some base in reality, making it extra fun and immersive.

One key point you learn in Star Wars: Commander is that winning or losing is not one thing. It’s requires hundreds of things done well with every little decision stacking on the other.

From having the right troops, the right levelling, the correct equipment, the top base layout and more; these small choices stack up to help you win big.

That to me is the most fascinating aspect of this game. To win big, it requires lots of little correct choices always interacting together. You are forever tweaking, helping your squad and it to me it’s just like business in the real world.

My advice and thinking? Success in business is hundreds (if not thousands) of little choices and aspects done well. Each of these stacks on top of each other to make your business slightly stronger.

Having the correct LinkedIn description may not get you hundreds of clients, but combined with a beautiful brand, nice website, great content and top events; can lead to you make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Success is big things and little things done well. Please remember that! It’s been a massive lesson for me on many levels.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

The people that make your life SUCCESSFUL!

I was more than half asleep in this photo, yet Shiv and Div saved me! I love their work!

I was more than half asleep in this photo, yet Shiv and Div saved me! I love their work!

I was reflecting on the massive growth of our wonderful community over the year. It’s been incredible, and I was taking pace on what I have done, the people that trust me to help them and the key characters who have all helped me along the way.

My clients, referral partners, suppliers, friends, family and everyone has contributed to my own success in many ways. My life just wouldn’t work at all without those people and as I get older and my wisdom grows; I realise how my success has come from relying on others to help me win.

Although I am a man of appreciation, it really hit home today when I went to by wonderful nearby café ‘The Coffee Embassy’. It’s a bit of secret gem to find in the Northmead (Sydney) Area in that it’s one of those cafes that unless you are told about it or happen to stumble across it, you probably won’t know about it.

It’s nestled in between two buildings and one of my friends (a tall Russian guy by the name of Egor) who lives nearby told me all about it.

I go there for coffee as much as I can (if I am heading that way) and the wonderful girls there always look after me with upbeat conversation, great service and a hot cup of coffee that is brewed to perfection.

The wonderful Shiva & Divya have worked there as long as I have been in this part of town and they have participated in keeping me sane and caffeinated. I work a lot of nights in Sydney CBD where I often get home at 11PM. I wake up early (cat meowing or baby crying) and I am usually quite out of it.

I then take myself to get coffee every morning and seeing those two is the early stages of picking me up and getting me ready for the day.

I then go and take on crazy projects and win! If it wasn’t for them helping me start it off, I would remain half asleep or buy an inferior brew elsewhere (not going to happen). I need those two, big time!

My advice and lessons? Appreciate all the wonderful people in your life. It can be very easy to get into the thick of things and take people for granted.

That is not a great thing in that it makes us unhappy, people don’t like us and it’s the direct opposite of virtues like love, compassion and being thankful.

Spend some time thinking about everyone who makes your life successful. It changes your perspective and drives one’s own abundance thinking. The more we appreciate, the more we succeed…

Love your work, thank you Div & Shiv and appreciate you for taking the time to read my wonderful articles. You rock.

Chilling out and loving your life

It's great to choose to be happy and ignore the crazy world around you!

It’s great to choose to be happy and ignore the crazy world around you!

It’s one of the few times you get me chilled during the week. As I write this blog, I am with my wonderful wife and child enjoying some garlic bread whilst waiting for our mains at the Novotel Sydney Pacific (in Manly, NSW).

We both came to visit a wonderful friend & client in Sydney’s North Beaches and I have my Surface Pro 4 out now writing this blog, answering emails and serving my wonderful community (which probably includes you reading this blog).

As I reflect on all this, I have learned over the years that the pressure NEVER EVER backs off us.

Especially as entrepreneurs, as we get more successful we have more moving parts, more wonderful people and our lives become more complex. This is great of course and this has taught me that in order to love your life, it’s critical to undertake key strategies to facilitate this.

In short, I have learned the following over the past 3 – 6 months:

–          Look after your heath and don’t eat too much!

–          Take time off to rest. I am resting now and speaking to you wonderful people.

–          Never except the stress / workload to disappear. Get used to it.

–          Don’t blame yourself for stuff going wrong. Everything goes wrong for everyone.

–          Choose to be happy.

My last point is one of key ones in terms of choosing to be happy as much as we can. This must happen despite everything going on around us.

My advice and thinking? As your life grows and success happens learn to better control your emotions. I have had too in order to stay not only sane, but remain productive.

This takes a lot of mental strength to pull it off, but it’s well worth it. Do your best, back yourself, stay positive and relax when you can! You will need it for missions later on.

Believe me! Been my lessons.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

P.S. Thank you to Bethesda / Fallout / Vault boy for the great image use. It always inspires me!

Raise your own STANDARDS. Daily!

I've changed a lot in the last 12 months. It ain't gonna stop! Love it.It was good 10 to 15 years ago that I got heavily into Tony Robbins (who was called more ‘Anthony Robbins’ in that era). I spent thousands with him, however it was worth every cent and it serves me incredibly well to this day.

I am glad that he is still running strong and I did lots of their courses as part of their ‘University’ so to speak. Running from memory it included Unleash the Power Within, Date with Destiny, Wealth Mastery, the Power of Momentum and more.

I have warm memories of burning my feet on the fire walk (I survived with a few nice blisters), making great friends and really helping to reboot my life after a few successful; yet troubled years.

One of the key points of advice from this was Tony would make repeated points of ‘Raising your own standards’ in all areas of your life. Basically, it means keep increasing what you accept as a baseline and I was thinking about why my life is going so strongly right now (and I thank you and the Lord for all your wonderful support).

I was looking at a video of myself and I thought about what I look like for a moment through external filters. I looked fit, strong, powerful, confident, in the zone and a total expert; whereas say 2 to 3 years ago, no way I looked like that.

I then started asking myself some pointed questions as to how I have done it and it was raising my own standards daily with years of little things adding up. That is, when I was far behind where I am today, I started my own personal development. Never in a day would anything radical happen, however in a day I would tweak something and improve it.

Talking more business and marketing; I have been doing that all the time. Every day I tweak something, make it better, stronger and when I look back on say a year – it’s incredible! Change is not something we often create in big steps (although we do have watershed moments), its something that is created by little moves every day.

These little moves stack up gradually to make us more powerful than ever.

My advice and thinking?

Be a powerful attacker when it comes to change and just do it. Do it daily, even if it’s the slightest thing. Each slightly move stacks up day after day, week after week and month after month. In fact, I guarantee you that if you do daily for a whole year and look back; you shall be incredibly satisfied with how you have personally improved.

I love it and highly recommended! Lift your standards daily and enjoy.

Thank you for the read, smash that like & share and you stay awesome.

Success: It’s who’s left still standing

Stallone - my childhood hero inspired much of my thinking to keep getting back up!

Stallone – my childhood hero inspired much of my thinking to keep getting back up!

Be it you have been in the Military like myself or watched a lot of movies (I have done both), there is this frequent staying you hear:

  • “War is not about who’s right, it’s who’s left still standing”

For whatever reason this has been going through my mind lately as I have reflected onto the years I have been around and the years I shall continue to be around. I have seen so many come, talk the big game, make noise and then equally disappear in almost equal time.

A few of us have made it this many years and there are a lot of reasons that contribute to that. I remember when I started out and the peers I was surrounded by in the Coaching & Training space.

They were nice people, however almost all of them never got into their business. Despite this though, I remember the massive game they all talked, and I remember that they always used to disagree with what I said. In fact, they would all give me business advice thinking they were inches off the greatness of Tony Robbins, whilst I was their underling.

When look back on these debates, lots of them may have been ‘right’ in what they were saying, but they aren’t still standing.

Ultimately success is exactly that. It’s the amount of times we get up after failure and defeat (believe me, I have done that many times) and at the end of the day if you are around and after you are successful.

I think it’s an important lesson in that you can argue your logic till everyone nods and you are blue in the face, however it doesn’t make you any more successful if you don’t make it in the long haul.

My advice and thinking? Talk is cheap. Results are priceless. Don’t be the person that talks about stuff. Be the quiet person (or be loud too) that is busy doing stuff whilst everyone is having their intellectual debates.

This basically describes my life and the wonderful from my own incredible community that are total winners. Every has adversity in their lives and the trick is to conquer it and never let is conquer you. Sure, you get knocked down, but just get back up and hit ‘em harder!

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

P.S. Full nod to the awesome Sylvester Stallone here on many levels. He was going through my mind as I wrote this article.

When you don’t care anymore ????

I took out a good chunk of these at a wonderful NSW Business Chamber VIP event. Worth it!

I took out a good chunk of these at a wonderful NSW Business Chamber VIP event. Worth it!

If you know me in the real world or follow me on social media; you will no doubt have seen me lose 10 kilos over the past 6 to 12 months.

It’s been a wonderful experience and it’s required me to make lots of changes on many levels to facilitate this.

From changing my mindset, to reducing what I shove into my body, I have done my best to really improve things on many levels.

Discipline, fitness and all that.


Yes, as much as I want to preach to you about how healthy am, there are instances where I take time off from that. When I do that it’s just wonderful and I have had great times where I seriously don’t care anymore.

This has included instances of total relaxation where I have:

–          Destroyed blocks a chocolate.

–          Taken out packets of potato chips.

–          Eaten bowls of ice cream.

–          Consumed plates of cheese and crackers.

–          Eaten meals like it’s my last before I go on survivor.

Even though I may feel a bit of fallout the next day, in the scheme of things it’s been a wonderful relaxing experience that I loved on many levels. It takes great, it feels good and it helps to keep me on track.

My advice and thinking? There are times where you aren’t going to care anymore, and you may do some crazy stuff. I think it’s wonderful and it’s not something to condemn in our thinking. It’s great to let our hair down now and then, in that it helps reset us, gives us a bit of joy whilst rejuvenating us for our next challenge.

It’s great to chill out and do it! At the right times of course.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome!

BRAVO to The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry: ICCI

The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has really impressed me and Rachele Grassi rocks!!

The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has really impressed me and Rachele Grassi rocks!!

Before my own Meetup groups took off and my community grew; I used to spend a bit of time visiting other groups across Sydney. I went to Social Groups, Business Groups, Tech Events at Fishburners and it was lots of fun exploring.

During this time, I met a group of people that I don’t normally mix with in my regular Chamber life and business life. Incredible people from all walks of life including wonderful newcomers to Australia from a range of wonderful countries.

I met a few wonderful people from Italy and remember meeting one incredible character at a Meetup group who was relatively ‘fresh off the boat’ from Europe. We spoke, we became friends, I gave them some advice to help them get into Sydney and guess what?

She picked up an incredible job with the “Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry: ICCI” helping run the business group, grow it and make it happen. Rachele Grassi is an extremely competent player who is very likable, friendly and ambitious in her work.

I was proud to become friends with her before she became ‘famous’ and she started inviting me to the events they were running.

I don’t stay this lightly when I say the events were well run and incredible. I have extremely high standards when it comes to Business Networking and events and here is my digest of why I give Rachele and the Chamber my endorsement and support:

–          Great events with top people: I have met people from top Banks, Financial Institutions and even Maserati Australia. Italian’s do it better right?

–          Really nice locations: Some events have been in swish Sydney CBD offices with one being at the beautiful Doltone House on Jones Bay Wharf.

–          Fair pricing: It’s quite affordable and well run.

–          Good food, drinks and hospitality: One was a beautiful breakfast (that was free BTW) which included great coffee, eggs done Italian Style, Banana Breads and all the Premium Tea you can drink.

–          It’s fun: You leave the events happy and in the zone.

My advice and thinking? If you are looking to meet some great people, want to work Sydney CBD more and you like style, then Italian Chamber is for you.

I love to visit any chance I get.

It rocks, thank you for the read and stay awesome!

Thoughts on behaving in a ‘Professional’ and ‘Serious’ manner

'Professionalism' comes in many forms! (Image Credit to Classic Pics and Gillian Anderson)

‘Professionalism’ comes in many forms! (Image Credit to Classic Pics and Gillian Anderson)

From the very early days in my business I have had people tell me to wear suits, wear a tie and act more ‘professional’.

This didn’t last year long in that when I outpaced their own success, they started to realise that my own ‘Tech Entrepreneur’ look just works great and I was spot on my own authentic brand.

What got me thinking about this was a great session at the gym this morning. As I was working away, I was playing on Twitter (between reps) and I saw the funniest photo of Gillian Anderson with a Banana up her nose.

Without understanding any of the context behind this photo, it gave me an instant smile. There is this great account on Twitter, called ‘Classic Pics’ which I am a massive fan of that somehow has all these incredible photos that they share on a frequent basis.

As I saw this photo of Gillian with a banana up her nose, I thought it was incredible how this has played out for her. She always struck me as a quirky character who did her own thing, was authentic and lived true to herself; with this photo being the photographic evidence of that thinking.

This then got me thinking as to what it means to be ‘Professional’ and ‘Serious’. To me, the moment we aren’t authentically being ourselves, we become BORING, IRRELEVANT and UNINTERESTING.

I have seen this happen many times to people in that they hide who they really are they don’t get very far.

TALKING TO THE POSITIVE, I see people who do the direct opposite, be who they are and go on to achieve incredible success in doing what they do.

My advice and thinking? Much like our wonderful heroine Gillian Anderson, focus on you and being authentic. Do your own thing. Use your own god given intelligence and do things in your own unique way.

If you have spent your life as a conformist (much like I was about 10 years ago), this will most certainly rock the apple cart at the start.

Great! If people don’t accept you for who you really are, they aren’t your friends. They are opposition.

Go your way and create wonderful life of your dreams!

Love your work, thank you for the read, love your work ‘Classic Pics’ and thank you Gillian Anderson!

Why Face to Face Selling shall always REIGN SUPREME!

Meeting B2B Sales Expert Richard Forrest today got me thinking on what really matters...

Meeting B2B Sales Expert Richard Forrest today got me thinking on what really matters…

Even though you may know me from Facebook, LinkedIn, Email Marketing, my Live Webinars, my Blogs, Google SEO and Meetup; I am an Online Guy who is going to tell you that:


In fact, from day one in my business, I have always held this viewpoint. As time as passes, I go through phases of thinking this is not the case and tricking myself into believing that just sharing stuff online shall win the business wars for me.

Reality hits in that I need to be in front of people, running events, being seen in the real world and the like to keep everything moving.

What prompted me to write this blog was meeting with B2B Sales Expert Richard Forrest today. He is a wonderful guy who runs several different companies and we both spoke about how nothing beats meeting someone face to face, or at the very least picking up the phone.

I have had many situations like that as well. Complex situations are fixed with a simple phone call and by meeting someone face to face, you get lots done. I don’t think many people reading this article will disagree with my overall view, however I wanted to unpack this topic at least slightly.

These are my top reasons as to why face to face selling is the best and most effective:

–          Humans are emotional creatures with trust being complex to form. Face to face stimulates more senses on the body and makes it easier.

–          Face to face allows for faster information exchange on multiple levels. From voice, to demonstrations, to visuals, to touching (as in shaking hands, lol); it would take months to years to share this amount of information online.

–          It’s much easier to like someone face to face as you get to see them. They are a ‘real person’ and not just a voice on the other end of the phone.

–          You can react faster, read body language, have better conversations and more.

This is how we work as humans and I am a massive fan of as much face to face as possible. I also like to get better leverage through running workshops. Whilst of course face to face is not always possible, you can get as close to it as possible. Video calls and voice calls even are much better than tapping away emails at people.

My advice and thinking? Use online to support your real-world objectives. I have (correctly) never seen online as it as something in its own right; I see it as part of our real-world experience. When we take that viewpoint, it puts us in a position of awesome power.

Face to face and interacting with people is here to stay and I am going to predict something. It’s going to get more important as we get more disconnecting in this ‘online’ world.

Love your work thank you for the read and stay awesome!

P.S. Thank you Richard Forrest for your great advice and friendship. You rock.

Want to know how I lost all my weight?

THANK YOU to everyone who supported me in losing the pounds. It's not easy but worth it!

THANK YOU to everyone who supported me in losing the pounds. It’s not easy but worth it!

I have been speaking to lots of friends lately who are like me of all ages; young, middle aged and older, that are struggling with their weight.

Lots of you wonderful & incredible people have supported me in losing my weight for life and it’s great! I am almost as fit as I was when I was in the Army (a few more months and I should get there) and I would love to share with you how I achieved this result.

I learned this from my wonderful fitness clients. About 20% of my clients are from the Fitness, Health & Wellness industries and all of them have been in my ear as to how they pull it off (regardless of age).

In what they do (especially Personal Trainers), if they say get FAT – they get NO CLIENTS. This is quite profound in that their whole job and existence is based on being fit themselves.

If I take in the wisdom of the crowd, this is how they advised me and what worked for me. Basically, it involves three moves:

  • Keep your intake under 2,000 Calories per day
  • Exercise twice a week.
  • Skip dinner twice a week!

The secret move is the last one which is what I do. If you have a light dinner or skip it twice a week, it’s a form of intermittent fasting. This comes from a range cultures over the centuries in that it has a lot of benefits for the body.

As we sleep, if we have no food in our system, it gives our body a chance to repair, regenerate and burn fat. If I skip dinner, I feel great in the morning in that I feel slim, high energy and in the zone.

I started doing this twice a week for the past 6 months and it’s just fantastic. It also has helped me look younger and slow down visible ageing which is great.

My advice and thinking? Losing weight is possible, BELIEVE ME! Start taking steps right now. My favourite trick is the ‘Skip Dinner’ move that just works. Also, I have had lots friends do the same thing and love it.

The intermittent fasting is not just a ‘weight loss’ thing too. It improves our overall health and sense of wellbeing.

Enjoy friends, best of luck and love your work!

P.S. Thank you to all my fitness friends for the wonderful input. You broke through eventually!

Making people more ABUNDANT!

I love helping people get more 'ABUNDANT'. The one with the higher will power wins!

I love helping people get more ‘ABUNDANT’. The one with the higher will power wins!

It has been a wonderful Sunday in Sydney of doing ‘Daddy’ stuff for me. I have been to the gym, shopping for the family, coming back to help my wonderful wife look after my daughter and have finally sat at my desk to write my daily blog.

As Jesus / the Universe provides, one of my wonderful friends *Mandy* asked me to write a blog through Facebook Messenger (*names changed to protect confidentiality, rest is all as is).

They are in the Coaching space and are an emerging Leader / Commander that I have extremely high hopes for. It’s early days in their business and they are going through what I once went through; rejection, hard work, early results and developing an ‘Abundance Mindset’.

This is what they asked me, and I want you to enjoy my reply as follows:

  • “I’ve got a great blog topic for you Edward.  After my experience with *Rachael*, I’m sitting here feeling like she’s pulled me down to her level.  Do you know what I mean?
  • The Coach/Mentor obviously is way advance of the client.  So, the client wants to be where the coach/mentor is in success.
  • But because the client is at a lower level of thinking or feeling etc because they haven’t reached enlightenment yet, they tend to drag you down to their level.
  • Can you write a blog for us as Entrepreneurs how to overcome the pull down?”

To best answer this, I wanted to respond to each paragraph to really unpack and explore this:

Q. After my experience with *Rachael*, I’m sitting here feeling like she’s pulled me down to her level.  Do you know what I mean?

A. This is extremely true and happens to the best of us at times if we don’t stay strong. People who are highly negative and assertive, can be extremely effective at changing the moods of other people. The old saying ‘Misery Attracts Company’ comes to mind. These people are like aliens who are trying to mind control you. It’s critical to resist their mind control and push back. I tell them off for being negative, so I end up controlling them and lifting their mood (or getting rid of them). Maintain your own thoughts and mood always. You control that!

Q. The Coach/Mentor obviously is way advance of the client.  So, the client wants to be where the coach/mentor is in success.

A. That is not completely correct. Clients want to get more success than what their Coach or Mentor has. I have done this many times in that I have helped people go from start-up to multi-millionaire where they have more money than me! One has a $20,000,000+ business in 6 years and God Bless them. There is a key point though, ‘bad clients’ don’t want to succeed really. They are just screwing around. The big ones go for the stars and I have helped enable many to get there.

Q. But because the client is at a lower level of thinking or feeling etc because they haven’t reached enlightenment yet, they tend to drag you down to their level.

A. If someone tends to ‘drag’ you to their level, it means you must become stronger in your own thinking. It means they have more will power than you, so when you interact they successfully ‘psych’ you out and you get pulled down. The solution is to strengthen your own thinking, so they can say whatever they want to you and it has no impact. You want the tables to reverse too, you end up ‘smashing’ them so they turn around. I do this all the time and it rocks!

My advice and thinking? You want to take people to a higher level and stay strong. It’s critical to do that and what I find critical every day is too:

–          Keep pushing yourself.

–          Take in positive materials.

–          Read my Business & Marketing Plan daily.

–          Get inspired by my Power Wall / Vision Board.

–          If I do get ‘psyched out’, I get myself back to high energy quickly.

–          Stay high energy!

It’s critical to note too, this is a journey wonderful friends! I used to have low will power and get psyched out all the time, now I psych out people when they try and psych me out; it rocks!

Abundance thinking is everything and sometimes you just gotta make people ‘Abundant’, I just works.

Love your work, thank you for the read, best of luck *Mandy*! I hope you teach *Rachael* a lesson!

P.S. You rock *Mandy*, you are learning in months what takes many years and keep it up!