Raise your own STANDARDS. Daily!

I've changed a lot in the last 12 months. It ain't gonna stop! Love it.It was good 10 to 15 years ago that I got heavily into Tony Robbins (who was called more ‘Anthony Robbins’ in that era). I spent thousands with him, however it was worth every cent and it serves me incredibly well to this day.

I am glad that he is still running strong and I did lots of their courses as part of their ‘University’ so to speak. Running from memory it included Unleash the Power Within, Date with Destiny, Wealth Mastery, the Power of Momentum and more.

I have warm memories of burning my feet on the fire walk (I survived with a few nice blisters), making great friends and really helping to reboot my life after a few successful; yet troubled years.

One of the key points of advice from this was Tony would make repeated points of ‘Raising your own standards’ in all areas of your life. Basically, it means keep increasing what you accept as a baseline and I was thinking about why my life is going so strongly right now (and I thank you and the Lord for all your wonderful support).

I was looking at a video of myself and I thought about what I look like for a moment through external filters. I looked fit, strong, powerful, confident, in the zone and a total expert; whereas say 2 to 3 years ago, no way I looked like that.

I then started asking myself some pointed questions as to how I have done it and it was raising my own standards daily with years of little things adding up. That is, when I was far behind where I am today, I started my own personal development. Never in a day would anything radical happen, however in a day I would tweak something and improve it.

Talking more business and marketing; I have been doing that all the time. Every day I tweak something, make it better, stronger and when I look back on say a year – it’s incredible! Change is not something we often create in big steps (although we do have watershed moments), its something that is created by little moves every day.

These little moves stack up gradually to make us more powerful than ever.

My advice and thinking?

Be a powerful attacker when it comes to change and just do it. Do it daily, even if it’s the slightest thing. Each slightly move stacks up day after day, week after week and month after month. In fact, I guarantee you that if you do daily for a whole year and look back; you shall be incredibly satisfied with how you have personally improved.

I love it and highly recommended! Lift your standards daily and enjoy.

Thank you for the read, smash that like & share and you stay awesome.