Why Face to Face Selling shall always REIGN SUPREME!

Meeting B2B Sales Expert Richard Forrest today got me thinking on what really matters...

Meeting B2B Sales Expert Richard Forrest today got me thinking on what really matters…

Even though you may know me from Facebook, LinkedIn, Email Marketing, my Live Webinars, my Blogs, Google SEO and Meetup; I am an Online Guy who is going to tell you that:


In fact, from day one in my business, I have always held this viewpoint. As time as passes, I go through phases of thinking this is not the case and tricking myself into believing that just sharing stuff online shall win the business wars for me.

Reality hits in that I need to be in front of people, running events, being seen in the real world and the like to keep everything moving.

What prompted me to write this blog was meeting with B2B Sales Expert Richard Forrest today. He is a wonderful guy who runs several different companies and we both spoke about how nothing beats meeting someone face to face, or at the very least picking up the phone.

I have had many situations like that as well. Complex situations are fixed with a simple phone call and by meeting someone face to face, you get lots done. I don’t think many people reading this article will disagree with my overall view, however I wanted to unpack this topic at least slightly.

These are my top reasons as to why face to face selling is the best and most effective:

–          Humans are emotional creatures with trust being complex to form. Face to face stimulates more senses on the body and makes it easier.

–          Face to face allows for faster information exchange on multiple levels. From voice, to demonstrations, to visuals, to touching (as in shaking hands, lol); it would take months to years to share this amount of information online.

–          It’s much easier to like someone face to face as you get to see them. They are a ‘real person’ and not just a voice on the other end of the phone.

–          You can react faster, read body language, have better conversations and more.

This is how we work as humans and I am a massive fan of as much face to face as possible. I also like to get better leverage through running workshops. Whilst of course face to face is not always possible, you can get as close to it as possible. Video calls and voice calls even are much better than tapping away emails at people.

My advice and thinking? Use online to support your real-world objectives. I have (correctly) never seen online as it as something in its own right; I see it as part of our real-world experience. When we take that viewpoint, it puts us in a position of awesome power.

Face to face and interacting with people is here to stay and I am going to predict something. It’s going to get more important as we get more disconnecting in this ‘online’ world.

Love your work thank you for the read and stay awesome!

P.S. Thank you Richard Forrest for your great advice and friendship. You rock.