Want to know how I lost all my weight?

THANK YOU to everyone who supported me in losing the pounds. It's not easy but worth it!

THANK YOU to everyone who supported me in losing the pounds. It’s not easy but worth it!

I have been speaking to lots of friends lately who are like me of all ages; young, middle aged and older, that are struggling with their weight.

Lots of you wonderful & incredible people have supported me in losing my weight for life and it’s great! I am almost as fit as I was when I was in the Army (a few more months and I should get there) and I would love to share with you how I achieved this result.

I learned this from my wonderful fitness clients. About 20% of my clients are from the Fitness, Health & Wellness industries and all of them have been in my ear as to how they pull it off (regardless of age).

In what they do (especially Personal Trainers), if they say get FAT – they get NO CLIENTS. This is quite profound in that their whole job and existence is based on being fit themselves.

If I take in the wisdom of the crowd, this is how they advised me and what worked for me. Basically, it involves three moves:

  • Keep your intake under 2,000 Calories per day
  • Exercise twice a week.
  • Skip dinner twice a week!

The secret move is the last one which is what I do. If you have a light dinner or skip it twice a week, it’s a form of intermittent fasting. This comes from a range cultures over the centuries in that it has a lot of benefits for the body.

As we sleep, if we have no food in our system, it gives our body a chance to repair, regenerate and burn fat. If I skip dinner, I feel great in the morning in that I feel slim, high energy and in the zone.

I started doing this twice a week for the past 6 months and it’s just fantastic. It also has helped me look younger and slow down visible ageing which is great.

My advice and thinking? Losing weight is possible, BELIEVE ME! Start taking steps right now. My favourite trick is the ‘Skip Dinner’ move that just works. Also, I have had lots friends do the same thing and love it.

The intermittent fasting is not just a ‘weight loss’ thing too. It improves our overall health and sense of wellbeing.

Enjoy friends, best of luck and love your work!

P.S. Thank you to all my fitness friends for the wonderful input. You broke through eventually!