Have MORE meetings!

If you want to win more, meet more wonderful people! (Thank you Andrew Third and Arthur Maraziotis for being my hot models!)

I love meeting wonderful people, especially my hot guy friends such as Andrew Third and Arthur Maraziotis!

As I write this blog, I am very happy in having several new wonderful people join my community. It always tends to happen in bursts, especially when I am just meeting lots of people.

Lately I have been speaking at more events, running my own and just being incredibly active in terms of getting out there, meeting people and getting as many ‘eyeballs’ on me as possible.

The amount of clients I have always had too has been directly linked to the amount of one on one meetings I have. It’s usually one out of three now, i.e. with my conversion rate being 33%.

Strangely enough, my actual conversion rate hasn’t moved much in all these years and my success comes down to having more meetings.

If you don’t have enough meetings there are lots of strategies to get them. I use a bit of everything to achieve this including:

–          People I know through business networking.

–          Referrals.

–          People that come via my website and enquire.

–          Those that know me on social media.

–          Speaking at events.

–          Offering discovery sessions at the end of my events.

–          AND EVERYWHERE!

The message is extremely simple and powerful, have more meetings! As we have more meetings we make new friends, get more clients, see more referrals come our way and get better & smarter at what we do.

My advice and thinking? Have more meetings!

Believe me, more meetings!

Love your work and enjoy friends!

P.S. Thank you Andrew Third and Arthur Maraziotis for being my wonderful models here!