Being clear in how you help people solve problems!

This FB Ad of mine has brought in great results - the explanation has helped big time!

This FB Ad of mine has brought in great results – the explanation has helped big time!

I have been thinking lots about my own Marketing, Events, Workshops and the lot lately (as I always do). I am forever challenging myself to make them better, engage in best practise ideas and do what I can to do to strengthen my business and that of my wonderful friends.

Advertising on Facebook has been a core lesson for me in that you have to do a powerful job of explaining how you help people or you don’t get sales or opt-ins.

Even though you make look nice, tell people you do what you do; if you don’t really give people a strong explanation as to help you solve their problems, they go ‘fuzzy’ in their understanding and don’t act.

For me it’s been like this to give some context. If I say to someone I am a Marketing Mentor and I help my clients more clients, it’s rarely enough to get impact.

However, if I take the time to explain to people that I help them get more clients, more money, more time, answer their question, fast track their success, give top strategies to help and the like; this is where it starts to get very powerful in terms of conversion.

In unpacking how selling works; just telling someone what you do is a very small part of the conversation. It comes down to you really explaining to people how you can help them on multiple levels.

If you don’t answer all the questions that people have, you don’t get signups! Makes sense to me too. If I saw something that was weak in what it was telling me, I wouldn’t bite unless I had a great explanation.

My advice and thinking? As you improve your Marketing be it face to face, websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, or whatever the case maybe; really explain how it helps people.

You need detail, relevant points and to be able to give them all the answers they need. Do this well and you are very much setup for success.

I am working over and improving lots of what I do as well, with much of this on my mind!

Love your work, keep up your active Marketing and stay awesome friends!