Chilling out and loving your life

It's great to choose to be happy and ignore the crazy world around you!

It’s great to choose to be happy and ignore the crazy world around you!

It’s one of the few times you get me chilled during the week. As I write this blog, I am with my wonderful wife and child enjoying some garlic bread whilst waiting for our mains at the Novotel Sydney Pacific (in Manly, NSW).

We both came to visit a wonderful friend & client in Sydney’s North Beaches and I have my Surface Pro 4 out now writing this blog, answering emails and serving my wonderful community (which probably includes you reading this blog).

As I reflect on all this, I have learned over the years that the pressure NEVER EVER backs off us.

Especially as entrepreneurs, as we get more successful we have more moving parts, more wonderful people and our lives become more complex. This is great of course and this has taught me that in order to love your life, it’s critical to undertake key strategies to facilitate this.

In short, I have learned the following over the past 3 – 6 months:

–          Look after your heath and don’t eat too much!

–          Take time off to rest. I am resting now and speaking to you wonderful people.

–          Never except the stress / workload to disappear. Get used to it.

–          Don’t blame yourself for stuff going wrong. Everything goes wrong for everyone.

–          Choose to be happy.

My last point is one of key ones in terms of choosing to be happy as much as we can. This must happen despite everything going on around us.

My advice and thinking? As your life grows and success happens learn to better control your emotions. I have had too in order to stay not only sane, but remain productive.

This takes a lot of mental strength to pull it off, but it’s well worth it. Do your best, back yourself, stay positive and relax when you can! You will need it for missions later on.

Believe me! Been my lessons.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

P.S. Thank you to Bethesda / Fallout / Vault boy for the great image use. It always inspires me!