Success: It’s who’s left still standing

Stallone - my childhood hero inspired much of my thinking to keep getting back up!

Stallone – my childhood hero inspired much of my thinking to keep getting back up!

Be it you have been in the Military like myself or watched a lot of movies (I have done both), there is this frequent staying you hear:

  • “War is not about who’s right, it’s who’s left still standing”

For whatever reason this has been going through my mind lately as I have reflected onto the years I have been around and the years I shall continue to be around. I have seen so many come, talk the big game, make noise and then equally disappear in almost equal time.

A few of us have made it this many years and there are a lot of reasons that contribute to that. I remember when I started out and the peers I was surrounded by in the Coaching & Training space.

They were nice people, however almost all of them never got into their business. Despite this though, I remember the massive game they all talked, and I remember that they always used to disagree with what I said. In fact, they would all give me business advice thinking they were inches off the greatness of Tony Robbins, whilst I was their underling.

When look back on these debates, lots of them may have been ‘right’ in what they were saying, but they aren’t still standing.

Ultimately success is exactly that. It’s the amount of times we get up after failure and defeat (believe me, I have done that many times) and at the end of the day if you are around and after you are successful.

I think it’s an important lesson in that you can argue your logic till everyone nods and you are blue in the face, however it doesn’t make you any more successful if you don’t make it in the long haul.

My advice and thinking? Talk is cheap. Results are priceless. Don’t be the person that talks about stuff. Be the quiet person (or be loud too) that is busy doing stuff whilst everyone is having their intellectual debates.

This basically describes my life and the wonderful from my own incredible community that are total winners. Every has adversity in their lives and the trick is to conquer it and never let is conquer you. Sure, you get knocked down, but just get back up and hit ‘em harder!

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

P.S. Full nod to the awesome Sylvester Stallone here on many levels. He was going through my mind as I wrote this article.