BRAVO to The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry: ICCI

The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has really impressed me and Rachele Grassi rocks!!

The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has really impressed me and Rachele Grassi rocks!!

Before my own Meetup groups took off and my community grew; I used to spend a bit of time visiting other groups across Sydney. I went to Social Groups, Business Groups, Tech Events at Fishburners and it was lots of fun exploring.

During this time, I met a group of people that I don’t normally mix with in my regular Chamber life and business life. Incredible people from all walks of life including wonderful newcomers to Australia from a range of wonderful countries.

I met a few wonderful people from Italy and remember meeting one incredible character at a Meetup group who was relatively ‘fresh off the boat’ from Europe. We spoke, we became friends, I gave them some advice to help them get into Sydney and guess what?

She picked up an incredible job with the “Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry: ICCI” helping run the business group, grow it and make it happen. Rachele Grassi is an extremely competent player who is very likable, friendly and ambitious in her work.

I was proud to become friends with her before she became ‘famous’ and she started inviting me to the events they were running.

I don’t stay this lightly when I say the events were well run and incredible. I have extremely high standards when it comes to Business Networking and events and here is my digest of why I give Rachele and the Chamber my endorsement and support:

–          Great events with top people: I have met people from top Banks, Financial Institutions and even Maserati Australia. Italian’s do it better right?

–          Really nice locations: Some events have been in swish Sydney CBD offices with one being at the beautiful Doltone House on Jones Bay Wharf.

–          Fair pricing: It’s quite affordable and well run.

–          Good food, drinks and hospitality: One was a beautiful breakfast (that was free BTW) which included great coffee, eggs done Italian Style, Banana Breads and all the Premium Tea you can drink.

–          It’s fun: You leave the events happy and in the zone.

My advice and thinking? If you are looking to meet some great people, want to work Sydney CBD more and you like style, then Italian Chamber is for you.

I love to visit any chance I get.

It rocks, thank you for the read and stay awesome!