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Thickening Your Skin

I had an extremely productive day. Meet a great client, made 30+ phone calls (for my workshop) and put out a stack of strong videos.

Right now, I am “playing for keeps” in what I’m doing, I’m working very hard (and smart) on cracking things to make my business and life to the next level.

During this whole experience today, I had someone tear me up on one of my phone calls. I was 50 / 50 about calling this person to begin with and they said they don’t need my stuff, it’s not for them and they started going all aggressive on me.

I just cut the call on them, finished up and carried on (to get ready for my very successful radio interview).

What I found interesting about this experience, is that say 5 years ago, this meanie would have thrown me out of the zone. Today, it has the opposite. It inspired me to go harder.

My advice and thinking? Like I have over the years, THICKEN YOUR SKIN and GET TOUGH. When things take off and you really get busy, you’re going to need it. You can have some stick reduce your mojo, and one must stay focused.

Love your work and thank you to the meanie who gave me a hard time today. You have made me even tougher 😊

My results of producing more content

Upping my content has worked great. Love it!

You may have noticed some changes to my Social Media Content Strategy lately.

It’s more content! I used to do 1 to 2 videos per day.

I have now upped it to 3 to 5 videos a day, and it’s been a massive change to everything. It’s a bit more work (but not really that hard) and I’ve had the following results so far (after about 2 weeks):

  • About double the leads
  • More new clients
  • Lots more engagement

As I’ve been putting out more content, more people are getting into what I do and I love it.

My advice and thinking? If you’re Social Media Strategy isn’t where you want it, do more content. I can produce it fast now and it totally rocks.

Check mine out, love to hear your thoughts and love your group.

Get on the RADIO

I was only thinking that a decade ago, I was a homeless veteran living in my car.

Now I’m a Community Leader & Influencer on the radio!

It was cool, and it was my first mainstream radio interview ever with he awesome Alexi Boyd on her Triple H 100.1 FM Radio Station.

What fascinated me about this, was the interest that it gathered. Lots of people heard me, added me on LinkedIn and it’s helped build my “Media Kit” for more to come.

Most of what I do I have done myself over Social Media (which has rocked) and getting some mainstream has been great.

My advice and thinking? If you know people in Radio, TV, Media and more; get in contact with them. Put yourself out there as a speaker.

Most will say no, but you will get that break which comes your way. You only need a few good breaks to pave the way for more greatness to come. Also, connect with Alexi Boyd on LinkedIn and tell her I sent you. She’s a legend.

>> UPDATE: Listen to the Radio Interview here on Triple H 100.1 FM Radio!

Love your work 😊

The day I finally ran around TOPLESS

I was thinking back to one of my big goals that I achieved over the Christmas break.

This involved losing 20kg, working on my body and building up the confidence to RUN AROUND TOPLESS.

Yes, I took my top off and ran around in public without my top on. I’m obviously a man of the 70’s (with my Chest Hair), yet I felt buff enough to pull it off with strength and style.

What was interesting about this whole experience was that if you said to me 2 years earlier, I would be slim and buff enough to pull this off, I would have laughed at you.

This own win of mine came from doing small things every day well. Eating less, eating slightly healthier, exercising a bit harder and more.

My advice and thinking? Big results don’t usually come from one big move. It’s the results of many small things done well.

Do the small things well my friends on a daily basis. This will make everything just work.

Believe me 😊

You so rock.

Ranger Jamie’s ARMY TRUCK

I put up lots of content on Social Media.

Lots of it are videos, with a few great photos documenting my life and the adventures of “Edward Zia”.

One of these recent epic photos was when I visited my powerhouse friend Jamie Simpson in the Shire of Sydney.

He had a “New” Army Truck. “New” in this definition means that it’s an old ex-Australian Army Truck that he drives everywhere.

It’s a beautiful nostalgic truck and he loves it. Jamie has worked so hard for this, and he so deserves it.

My advice and thinking? As entrepreneurs we work hard, and we deserve rewards for our hard work. Jamie has put is whole life on the line to win big, and he has. Hence, he deserves such greatness. Keep putting yourself out there friends, and of course go hard.

I love his work and love your work 😊

Marketing yourself EVERYWHERE

I was at the Anytime Fitness North Parramatta over the weekend, working out (as I do).

It’s been great lately. I have really got my health right and I feel great. As I spend more time at the gym, I have become part of the “furniture” and it’s been great.

I was speaking to Josh the Manager, and in conversation he offered that I could put up my workshops and business card on the noticeboard.

It was cool! I never ever thought I would see the day I would be up on a gym noticeboard (considering I’ve been fat for the past few years) and it was a great feeling.

It’s easy to do and putting it up there just felt great. It would be seen by at least 20 people a day, so you never know.

My advice and thinking? Never overlook simple Marketing Opportunities. My workshop flyer only needs to be seen once by the right person!

Love your work and thank you Anytime Fitness. Love it!

Dangerous & Brilliant Thinkers

As I’ve become more well known and senior in my field (over the many intense and wonderful years), I get invited lots to judge awards, contribute to academic projects and contribute to government policy.

On a beautiful sunny weekend, I received an email from one of my old colleagues Richard Coller. He’s one of the Directors of the “S P Jain School of Global Management” and he had the most amusing request for me.

It was to play “Gordon Ramsay” and “Shark Tank” a group of students there presenting their projects. I went in there and was in “Edward Zia” nice mode.

After the first presentation I was nice. After they left the room, the facilitator walked up to me and said, “Edward, you need to go really hard on these students”. I then asked, “Are you sure you really want that?”. They hesitated, then said “Yes”.

I then ripped up all the coming students. I tore into them and channelled as much Gordon Ramsay without the swearing or the malice (btw I love Gordon).

It was very funny and whilst I tore up some, the students were able to really push back against me with great logic and reason. They knew what they were doing, and some had the people skills to push back against an Ex-Army Business Leader like myself.

I was impressed! I certainly did not have this skill when I was their age and impressed. S P Jain produce incredible students, and I can see why they’re such a popular niche college in what they do.

My advice and thinking? You want to be as “Dangerous” and “Brilliant” as possible like the students. That is thinking outside the square, backing yourself and willing to be a danger to the establishment and the norms.

In protecting confidentiality; I was presented with concepts that may very well take off, causing massive disruption. I love it.

My advice and thinking? Check out and follow on Social Media the S P Jain School of Global Management. Known them for years and they really care about their students.

Love your work, enjoy the thoughts and stay awesome friends!

Creating EASY & Simple Meetup Social Events is a great platform for creating, running and building communities.

I use it all the time, and it’s helped me really take off in my business over the past two years.

I get people nervously asking me how to get their own Meetups going. They think they need 100+ people like what I normally get at my events, the top room at the Novotel or the Pullman, and a world class presentation.

This is completely UNTRUE!

One incredible easy format is to just have a Social Gathering. It can be an easy 5 – 15 people, and you just hang out. Everyone can buy their own food & drinks and you just have a great time.

I did this the other night at the Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour and it just worked.

It was a mixture of Social, Business and highly rated.

My advice and thinking? Meetup Social Events are a great place to start. Easy and powerful. Start small and work your way up.

Thanks for the read, love your work and happy Meetups friends.

Ed’s 3 x Top Tips to a GREAT SELFIE

I have been labelled lately the “KING OF SELFIES”.

Whilst I think this is true, it’s equally a compliment and a bit of a dig at me. Be it good or bad; what I can tell you is that I AM THE KING OF SELFIES.

Selfies are great for fun, taking photos with great people, promoting others and more. I love taking selfies (especially with others) and here are my top 3 tips:

  • Have a nice new phone: I use a Samsung S9 and it’s just great.
  • Get your background nice: Make sure it’s beautiful and gives your image context.
  • Make yourselves look good: Smile, look at the lens and hold it up a bit higher so you get a down angle.

Do this well my friends and you shall give the perfect selfie. You, your friends and your ego shall love you for it.

Enjoy the thoughts and happy selfies friends!