Ed’s 3 x Top Tips to a GREAT SELFIE

My friend Phillip Raish and I are both very handsome. The test of a true selfie!

I have been labelled lately the “KING OF SELFIES”.

Whilst I think this is true, it’s equally a compliment and a bit of a dig at me. Be it good or bad; what I can tell you is that I AM THE KING OF SELFIES.

Selfies are great for fun, taking photos with great people, promoting others and more. I love taking selfies (especially with others) and here are my top 3 tips:

  • Have a nice new phone: I use a Samsung S9 and it’s just great.
  • Get your background nice: Make sure it’s beautiful and gives your image context.
  • Make yourselves look good: Smile, look at the lens and hold it up a bit higher so you get a down angle.

Do this well my friends and you shall give the perfect selfie. You, your friends and your ego shall love you for it.

Enjoy the thoughts and happy selfies friends!

Edward Zia

Author: Edward Zia

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