I was at the Anytime Fitness North Parramatta over the weekend, working out (as I do).

It’s been great lately. I have really got my health right and I feel great. As I spend more time at the gym, I have become part of the “furniture” and it’s been great.

I was speaking to Josh the Manager, and in conversation he offered that I could put up my workshops and business card on the noticeboard.

It was cool! I never ever thought I would see the day I would be up on a gym noticeboard (considering I’ve been fat for the past few years) and it was a great feeling.

It’s easy to do and putting it up there just felt great. It would be seen by at least 20 people a day, so you never know.

My advice and thinking? Never overlook simple Marketing Opportunities. My workshop flyer only needs to be seen once by the right person!

Love your work and thank you Anytime Fitness. Love it!



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