As I’ve become more well known and senior in my field (over the many intense and wonderful years), I get invited lots to judge awards, contribute to academic projects and contribute to government policy.

On a beautiful sunny weekend, I received an email from one of my old colleagues Richard Coller. He’s one of the Directors of the “S P Jain School of Global Management” and he had the most amusing request for me.

It was to play “Gordon Ramsay” and “Shark Tank” a group of students there presenting their projects. I went in there and was in “Edward Zia” nice mode.

After the first presentation I was nice. After they left the room, the facilitator walked up to me and said, “Edward, you need to go really hard on these students”. I then asked, “Are you sure you really want that?”. They hesitated, then said “Yes”.

I then ripped up all the coming students. I tore into them and channelled as much Gordon Ramsay without the swearing or the malice (btw I love Gordon).

It was very funny and whilst I tore up some, the students were able to really push back against me with great logic and reason. They knew what they were doing, and some had the people skills to push back against an Ex-Army Business Leader like myself.

I was impressed! I certainly did not have this skill when I was their age and impressed. S P Jain produce incredible students, and I can see why they’re such a popular niche college in what they do.

My advice and thinking? You want to be as “Dangerous” and “Brilliant” as possible like the students. That is thinking outside the square, backing yourself and willing to be a danger to the establishment and the norms.

In protecting confidentiality; I was presented with concepts that may very well take off, causing massive disruption. I love it.

My advice and thinking? Check out and follow on Social Media the S P Jain School of Global Management. Known them for years and they really care about their students.

Love your work, enjoy the thoughts and stay awesome friends!



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