Ranger Jamie’s ARMY TRUCK

I put up lots of content on Social Media.

Lots of it are videos, with a few great photos documenting my life and the adventures of “Edward Zia”.

One of these recent epic photos was when I visited my powerhouse friend Jamie Simpson in the Shire of Sydney.

He had a “New” Army Truck. “New” in this definition means that it’s an old ex-Australian Army Truck that he drives everywhere.

It’s a beautiful nostalgic truck and he loves it. Jamie has worked so hard for this, and he so deserves it.

My advice and thinking? As entrepreneurs we work hard, and we deserve rewards for our hard work. Jamie has put is whole life on the line to win big, and he has. Hence, he deserves such greatness. Keep putting yourself out there friends, and of course go hard.

I love his work and love your work 😊