The day I finally ran around TOPLESS

I was thinking back to one of my big goals that I achieved over the Christmas break.

This involved losing 20kg, working on my body and building up the confidence to RUN AROUND TOPLESS.

Yes, I took my top off and ran around in public without my top on. I’m obviously a man of the 70’s (with my Chest Hair), yet I felt buff enough to pull it off with strength and style.

What was interesting about this whole experience was that if you said to me 2 years earlier, I would be slim and buff enough to pull this off, I would have laughed at you.

This own win of mine came from doing small things every day well. Eating less, eating slightly healthier, exercising a bit harder and more.

My advice and thinking? Big results don’t usually come from one big move. It’s the results of many small things done well.

Do the small things well my friends on a daily basis. This will make everything just work.

Believe me 😊

You so rock.