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Episode II: The Annie Sophia Strikes Back (on Ed’s Fashion Sense)

Annie Sophia made some wonderful points here. I love her work!

Annie Sophia made some wonderful points here. I love her work!

A small proxy battle has emerged in which the awesome Annie Sophia, Nickolas Rorris and Sharon Grant have DECLARED WAR on my sense of fashion.

I don’t blame them and of course I say this with a sense of irony and implied appreciation. As the discussion continued from yesterday, we have all been chatting on Facebook Messenger about my styles and influences.

Where the conversation got productive, is that Annie and the team really discovered what was in my head and what I was trying to achieve with my look. It was only recently that I lost the weight, started buying some new clothes and they asked what I want to project in my dress sense.

For me; it’s delivering Strength, Confidence, Independence, Freedom and Entrepreneurship. This has been based on my casual look which has been very popular and effective.

This has been a wonderful move and they asked me as to where my influences have come from.

This included several being Satya Nadella (the CEO of Microsoft), John Cena (from Wrestling Fame) and of course Harrison Ford (from more the Star Wars & Blade Runner Films).

I have been trying to look strong, tough and guess what? What I am thinking is not coming through and it’s great to hear that. In fact, when I responded this is what she had to say:

“Awesome to have inspo style Ed and the grand reveal of Harrison Ford [as one of your top influnces]. Love his style and can certainly use these elements for your style. I agree with Sharon and I don’t see you styling this look currently.

Style and personally words which come up for me with all these inspo looks:

– Maverick

– Performer

– Institutional

– Street

– Relaxed

– Military

Practical ways you can begin introducing elements of this are:

– Tucking in shirts

– Less baggy, (but not super slim)

– Look at leather accessories- belts (especially if tucking in), satchel bag, shoes / boots

I think you need to begin wearing button up shirts. Casual with arms rolled up.

And khaki, sand, navy coloured Jean pants. An in between of chinos and jeans.

And wearing light ‘bomber’ type jackets.

Nick and I desperate to get you in a sports jacket. It doesn’t need to be so structured and typical.

Look at Microsoft man in first image. Keep it real man.”

These are the images I send through as part of the discussion and the one of Satya they really liked.

Ed's Fashion Pics

My advice and thinking? It’s great to get people giving you top advice and here I am trying to achieve something and it’s not coming through. As I have this input now, it’s got me thinking as to best how to take their ideas and put it into play in my own unique way.

That is great thing about getting feedback. You don’t have to agree with it (which I do), you don’t have to do it, BUT it gets into your mind and steers your behaviour in more of a powerful direction.

Still though, I am not sure about what they are saying in that do I want to tuck in my shirts? Not really, I think I will lose my free type of look. Will tighter jeans be enough or really help? This shall be interesting to explore. I am sort of convinced, and sort of not…

Love your work, thank you Annie, Nick & Sharon and till the next round.

Episode I: The transformation of Ed’s Fashion (Thank you Annie Sophia)

Annie, Nick and Sharon are wonderful people. Glad to have the savvy on my side!

Annie, Nick and Sharon are wonderful people. Glad to have the savvy on my side!

It all started a few years ago when I met the incredible Annie Sophia. She is a great friend and a wonderful person who is a top Fashion Stylish and Personal Presence Expert.

I have always clicked with Annie on personal, business and ethical levels and I love supporting her as much as I can.

We met a good two or three years ago at Sydney’s Top Business Chambers and over time gained a mutual respect. Where Annie won me over is that she does exactly what she recommends. She is healthy, fit, happy, obviously fashionable and incredibly stylish.

Like myself, she does what she recommends and those are the people I always take very seriously. Her presence in my own life has inspired me on many levels from dressing better, becoming more affluent in my own thinking and LOSING WEIGHT.

As I have lost the weight over the past 6 months, my fashion sense is under the spot light and the wonderful Nickolas ‘Nick’ Rorris (IT Entrepreneur) and Sharon Grant (Sales Coach & Mentor) have jumped into the project to give their thinking and contributions.

Nick fired off a Facebook Message to all of us making my fashion now a project and even though I am very strong minded; I LOVE BEING PROVEN WRONG with SUPERIOR LOGIC.

I am intelligent, I will argue my point but if someone beats with me logic, facts and great reasons; I am the first to concede and my views will upgrade to their argument. That is probably why I am intelligent in that I am willing to dump poor thinking to upgrade to better thinking.

Of course, my ‘Fashion Sense’ is up for debate (big time) and in getting into the thick of it, this is what Annie said with some imagery:

  • “I’m a huge believer in dressing for your personality so don’t want to at all change that. Great input Nick and Ed (you’re the video king). Also, if the person doesn’t want change then it’s not my or our place to convince. BUT can I say, on a more aesthetic level, you have lost a fantastic amount of weight Ed and it would be a shame to not show that off with even a few new casual pieces that not only are still in line with your casual and approachable brand but is the final piece of the puzzle to the new healthy ‘You’. Think coloured chinos, new jeans and a couple of new polos and casual loafers. These are just tiny changes but could make that little bit of difference for a first impression at say a chamber event and when you present.” &
  • “Polo shirt and jeans good combo for you if you’re wanting to still keep casual – and I know you wouldn’t do a collared shirt. I think the main thing is the right FIT. Slimline, it Ed. Makes a world of difference.”

My advice and thinking? I am strongly considering what they saying, and going to think it through. My initial reactions are:

100% Agree:

  • Keep my own brand, essence and strength.
  • Go a bit slimmer to show off my new ‘figure’ (lol, I just had to keep it now).
  • Stay casual (core part of my brand).

More consideration:

  • Move away from Jeans? I think chinos will weaken me a bit, I like the ‘tough’ look of jeans.
  • Casual Loafers? I don’t think so here, part of my brand is ‘strength’ and I also throw back to my military days with my Doc Marten’s Army Boots.

But hey, I could be wrong! That is the whole point of this exercise, so I am going to think it through and challenge my own beliefs.

My advice and thinking? Annie, Nick & Sharon and wonderful people and true helpers and I love their work. When you are working with incredible people it’s great to take their thinking and input.

I think my fashion sense will keep growing.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

Creating POWERFUL Content

Perhaps I can just do videos of push-ups every day? I wish!

Perhaps I can just do videos of push-ups every day? I wish!

If you follow me on Facebook & LinkedIn you may have seen before my ‘Pre Coffee MARKETING thoughts with Edward!’ segment. It’s a daily video series that I do every day and it’s one of my most popular video types ever.

There was a day where I got it out late (as I was on a plane) and as it’s just that popular, I had to apologise to a stack of people who was expecting it earlier (I so love their work).

Today I was taking my wonderful daughter for a walk in her stroller and I had an idea for the video that morning. Instead of me just talking to the camera, I would share part of my morning routine doing a video of my push-up set.

I spoke about the importance of health in entrepreneurship and it been a total hit getting lots of views, laughs and engagement. I included me doing the actual push-ups and it was lively, different, funny and very interesting. It’s been one of my most popular ‘Pre Coffee’ videos ever and it’s great!

My thinking is ‘If only I could do it every day’ and it has me thinking about how to create powerful content that just sells. When we are on Social Media (be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Insta, Twitter etc), it comes down to us creating great content.

This includes coming up with content that’s interesting, related to what we do and gives the viewer the information with entertainment.

Creativity is obviously required and from every video I create; I learn more to make my next one even better. I get all sorts of ideas with some being wonderful and ideas which only I think are wonderful (that tragically don’t do that well).

The big reminder from my win of a video today was the importance of being ‘creative’ and always trying different things. Sometimes our ‘different’ really hits a nerve and even if it doesn’t, it’s critical to shake things up with new content and posts all the time.

My advice and thinking? Shake up your social media as much as possible and come up with different posts. Also, don’t be AFRAID TO FAIL! If you do a few posts that bomb, that’s cool. If you keep going, you may put up a viral post that takes your whole business to a new level.

Keep mixing it up and taking your best shot every time. You do that well and you will one day wake up to very POWERFUL content and incredible engagement.

Love your work, thank you for the read and appreciate all the likes and comments today. You rock!

Wonderful people on a similar ‘Energetic Wavelength’

James Meli did an incredible job setting the scene for everyone to just get along. I love his work!

James Meli did an incredible job setting the scene for everyone to just get along. I love his work!

If you are looking at my heading thinking that Ed has gone off into ‘Woo-Woo’ land talking about ‘Energetic Wavelengths’ then you are correct.

This Pro-Trump, Pro-Gay Marriage, Pro-Microsoft, Pro-Opinionated person has done exactly that and if anything; I have been relying on my feelings much more lately for when I interact with people.

Interestingly I have been working lots of LinkedIn lately in terms of getting high value appointments, new clients and inviting ‘select’ people to my workshops. After a while on the platform, you can basically peek at someone’s LinkedIn profile and get a vibe as to whether they are going to be nice to you, or tell you to leave them alone.

As I meet wonderful people as well, I just get that ‘nice feel’ from them and I had an exact case of that recently. It was a wonderful partner event with my friend James Meli talking to us about Self-Managed Super Funds and he did an incredible job.

James has a great vibe about him, the room had a great vibe and everyone just got along with it being wonderful. The event quickly transcended another ‘Networking Event’ to being spending time with my friends and it just great!

When I refer to ‘Energetic Wavelengths’, I am talking that we are on a similar ‘Vibrational Energy’ which means that we are all in a similar state of being. Basically, we are on ‘same page’ with lots of overlapping ideas, moods and outlook (hence we just get along).

Win / Win, kindness before money, judging someone on the content of their character and professional are values we all hold dear and it makes being around each other extremely pleasant. When this occurs, you can ‘feel’ wonderful people nearby and equally deflect / avoid people who are not.

My advice and thinking? Energy, Energy and Energy! Do some Google Research on what I am talking about and keep in mind how you feel around certain people.

You may feel great, neutral or uncomfortable. Listen to your feelings and ask questions as to why. This will take you into some incredible places of discovery and learning. This allows you also to surround yourself with just the right wonderful people to make life enjoyable and very profitable.

Love your work, thank you James for the great speech and stay awesome friends.

Staying in the ‘Opportunity Flow’

Thinking about Donald Trump helps me stay in the Opportunity Flow too. Do what works for you!

Thinking about Donald Trump helps me stay in the Opportunity Flow too. Do what works for you!

Talking Mindset, Marketing, Motivation & all things wonderful; ‘Opportunity Flow’ is a key concept which relates to how we feel as Entrepreneurs in any given moment.

When we are in the ‘flow’ so to speak, it means we are ready to go for and take on opportunities which can manifest itself in many ways. From a new client, getting money, speaking opportunities and the like, it all stacks up to basically being ready to take them on.

I like to demonstrate this with the opposite thinking. You will know of times when you are grumpy, freaked out, panicked and it would be hard for you to take a $20 if even someone handed it to you.

As reality plays out, it’s important that we stay in the opportunity flow. I remember some years back when I had just big clients (which was very scary), one of them wasn’t working out in that they weren’t listening to what we were recommending.

I knew things weren’t working out and they sent me the email ending things, just minutes before a Live Webinar! It was not very nice at the time and it put me in a negative mindset which I had to overcome to deliver a great experience.

Then the wonderful opposite happened next time! I got way more better clients (for more money) before a Webinar and I was totally pumped and in the zone. It was then very easy to run my Live Webinar.

The point? Make sure that when you are busy in your business that you are mentally happy, productive and in the ‘Opportunity Flow’ as much as can be. Reality will of course do negative things to you and the idea is that you fight the negativity to stay productive.

This has happened to me many times more than I have had hot meals, but every time you overcome your old destructive negative mental habits you become slightly more powerful. For me these days, I am now super productive and I totally love it!

Think positive, think winning, think the future and whatever you do stay in the Opportunity Flow. The better you do that, the more winning shall come your way!

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

Belief in YOURSELF starts with YOU

Confidence starts with us and shows as we build it internally.

Confidence starts with us and shows as we build it internally.

It’s been a wonderful day of clients, filling workshops, running a Live Webinar and I am writing this blog whilst watch the wonderful film Pulp Fiction (1994) play in the background.

A timeless classic that I think people will be watching 50 years from now (touch wood they don’t remake it), and I am watching the classic scene of John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson play out at the start.

It has some incredible screen play, off the shoulder camera work and intense discussion to setup the whole film and just pull anyone is as a reader.

Without me spoiling the film (in case you haven’t seen it or forgotten), both characters play hit men that get along well and do extreme things but are disturbingly nonchalant about the whole experience.

What is hitting me about this scene is how confident internally the characters are. They love their work, they believe in what they are saying and both are busy having real conversations about life.

The key points that are impacting me is how true confidence starts with yourself. These two characters (and actors behind them) are internally confident and clearly love who they are. That intellectual foundation comes from years of work and development that manifests itself in anything from speech to results.

In a way, they are talking like how I speak today with confidence and strength with it reminding me of how under confident I used to be.

Some time back (especially after my drifter days), my confidence took a real knock and it took some work to really pick it up. Over the years of hard work, personal development and pushing myself it’s gradually happened and it’s wonderful. As you believe in yourself life is so much easier, better and more fun.

My advice and thinking? Don’t let the external world tell yourself to believe in yourself. Just start yourself. This paves the way for many great things to come.

Of course, you don’t have be an evil hit man to think that; you can be just wonderful as you are. Belief starts with YOU and a strong decision to be made.

Love your work, thank you for the read and make sure you check out Pulp Fiction for more inspiration.

Voting ‘YES’ for Libertarianism

This was more than a vote for the Gay Community, it was deciding whether to support Libertarianism or not.

This was more than a vote for the Gay Community, it was deciding whether to support Libertarianism or not.

Even though I have spent lots of my life earlier on the more ‘unpopular’ end of the political spectrum, it was strangely usual for me taking a populist position on politics.

The ‘YES’ vote is a reference to the Australian Postal Vote on whether we will change the Marriage Act to allow same-sex couples to marry.

I had a lot of people ask me about my position on the issue, especially with many on the ‘fence’ using my own logic to build their own political thinking to make a well thought out decision on the issue.

Some also as well (more the people that don’t know me), also found it odd that I was a proponent of YES in that I am a Christian, Pro-Trump, an Active Australian Liberal and someone who is a fan of nationalism.

Even though I have always ‘emotionally’ been in the pro LGBT camp, I asked myself lots of the hard questions and rethought my position through before voting. Be it YES or NO, my position would be well thought out and it was my principles on Libertarianism that drove me to overwhelmingly support the YES side of arguments (and dismiss the weak NO arguments).

Libertarianism is an important term to understand in that it’s the basis of Western Civilisation and one of the key reasons we have outperformed all other civilisations that have existed. Like my Iranian Islamic father who came to Australia fleeing political persecution; he is a very cool guy and if you ask him in his own words why he came he will tell you it such exact words that it’s the “freedom, safety and choices” you have in Australia.

Like my wonderful Chinese Wife & Asian side of the family; they came out here for a better life and it’s no wonder that Australia is a nation of immigrants. Even my wonderful friends from Central & Eastern Europe love Australia from the point of view of higher wages, a quality of life and strong safety.

Libertarianism is a core part of this thinking and with thanks to Wikipedia, this means;

  • “Libertarianism is a collection of political philosophies and movements that uphold liberty as a core principle. Libertarians seek to maximize political freedom and autonomy, emphasizing freedom of choice, voluntary association, individual judgment, and self-ownership.”

If you then go to the Liberal Party of Australia website and visit ‘About’, key paragraphs say:

  • “In the inalienable rights and freedoms of all peoples; and we work towards a lean government that minimises interference in our daily lives; and maximises individual and private sector initiative” &
  • “In equal opportunity for all Australians; and the encouragement and facilitation of wealth so that all may enjoy the highest possible standards of living, health, education and social justice.”

As you work through these different definitions and understand what ‘Liberty’ means and the strength of Western Civilisation, it gets harder and harder to justify blocking gay marriage. What makes our society so free is the fact that people do have personal freedoms to marry who they want, not marry who they want and have freedom of thought, worship and political beliefs.

Think of the opposite to this for the moment! I would shriek at the thought in that I would have to belief something because if I don’t, I will get arrested, imprisoned, lose my job or worse?

Or let’s say I am not allowed to believe something because of religious dogma?

Perhaps just because someone was born a certain way they aren’t allowed to marry someone because they are immoral, horrible people?

That is where this discussion gets interesting in that when I have had debates with the ‘NO’ camp, I either get called names or they throw religious dogma at me. As for the ‘children’ argument, gays already look after children in Australia and it hasn’t started raining frogs or hellfire yet.

Basically, it comes down to this type of thinking; if you don’t support the YES argument you probably aren’t much of a Libertarian. That is great of course in that there are many different modes of thinking and lots of the world are not ‘Libertarian’s’ and don’t believe in personal freedom.

However, we do. Living under any form of oppression isn’t fun and there is a reason why Australia is one of the top countries in the world

Still, I think Gay Marriage is going to be a 50 / 50 game. Unfortunately, the YES camp has done a very poor job of arguing it position through it’s unfair acts against the NO camp. The SMS spamming from the YES camp, the political violence directed at Conservatives and the like is only undermining our position.

So YES or NO? Think it through and vote with your conscience. Just keep Libertarianism and Western Civilisation in the back of your mind as you do it.

Love your work, god bless everyone and to this one playing out!

CLEVER Wording

Simple and creative ideas can make all the difference!

Simple and creative ideas can make all the difference!

It was a wonderful Saturday with fabulous and very ‘burbs’ middle-class type of activities. Hitting the gym, taking the wonderful family to IKEA and Costco to replenish our depleted groceries was the theme of the day.

It’s quite enjoyable in that there is a wonderful canteen at IKEA (with seemingly anything you want) and if you don’t know what I mean about Costco, make sure you check out this warehouse of absolute joy the first chance you get.

Before we had our IKEA lunch (which is incredible. especially the Nordic Sparking Pear Juice with unlimited refills), we did the rounds through part of the sections.

Many of the products are in funny Swedish names in that after a while, you seemingly can understand if you don’t even speak the language. IKEA must be the smartest retailer that ever existed and there was eye catching wording in all directions.

My favourite was ‘Divide and conquer’ which was talking about a useful storage solution for your bathroom to make the most of your space. It obviously meant separating your items, but it’s also a clever reference to ‘Divide and rule’ or ‘Divide and conquer’ that comes from politics and sociology.

With my competitive mind, I thought it was quite amusing and it gave me a chuckle as part of my shopping experience at IKEA. It was part of the whole entertainment that contributes to the customer experience and I thought it was so simple and great.

My advice and thinking? Be brief and potent in your wording, however keep part of your mind aligned to being ‘clever’. Sometimes a funny phrase, a cool word or anything unique can take some otherwise boring copy writing and make it funny, amusing and interesting.

Very soon I am going to be doing an update to my website and I have been thinking the same thing! It coverts well and people love it and all that; however, I could be more creative in this cycle.

Don’t be beige, be clever! Think outside of the square to spice up what you do to make it even more lovable.

Love your work, thank you for the read and thank you IKEA love your work!

The Dangerous Joy of Mixing Politics and Business!

A rather cute and likeable mailbox!

A rather cute and likeable mailbox!

I never used to be interested in politics. For those that know me or have seen my Twitter timeline, you may find that hard to believe; but it’s true!

I used to not care about voting at all and when I did vote, I used to vote Greens! Yes, I used to vote Greens!

As the years passed, I started to change and my own maturing came from totally losing all my money, stuffing up part of my life and starting again as a drifter living out of my car.

It was a wonderful journey of empowerment for me and as I lived in my ‘mobile house’, I met lots of wonderful people, slept parked on many beaches, sometimes out in the forest under the stars and even enjoyed lots of evenings by myself eating baked beans I heated up on my little stove (or I would build a fire if safe and appropriate).

One time I looked up at the heavens and without pain, avoidance or anything negative; I started really asking myself how I ended up going from a six-figure corporate to a homeless drifter with his little campfire trying to eat on $5 per day (which is quite possible believe it or not).

I realised I ended up homeless because of my dumb / lack of political views! I started to get into the Liberal Party and realise how AWESOME they are and I can rebuild my life through personal responsibility, hard work and starting a business.

Like a typical Middle Eastern guy, I tend to go to the extreme so I joined the party as I restarted my life and it was just wonderful! As I settled in Sydney, I got right into politics and winding the clock forward I got into DONALD TRUMP.

I even worked on his campaign and it was just wonderful playing my small part to help him get elected. Obviously being PRO DONALD TRUMP is a slightly controversial political view but I found that I could somehow pull it off. I got more clients because of the attention I gained and the haters were wonderful! The haters inspired me to go harder and it galvanised me.

Then when GAY MARRIAGE came out, as a proud Libertarian I just had to VOTE YES! Voting YES to for Marriage Equality is just wonderful in that if I truly and Liberal, then you must VOTE YES. From the Liberal Party of Australia Website under ‘About’ it says:

  • “In equal opportunity for all Australians; and the encouragement and facilitation of wealth so that all may enjoy the highest possible standards of living, health, education and social justice.”

When you consider that, it’s very hard to say you are a liberal and you believe in equal opportunity and that when you don’t let gays marry. SO, I VOTED YES! Is it dangerous putting my political views out there? Well perhaps, but I have attracted more fans than critics. The people who don’t like my political views already hate me and whether I vote for their policies or political parties won’t make them like me anymore.

However, when I am true to myself, I attract those I click with and repel those I don’t. Also, I just didn’t start my business espousing Pro Trump / Gay Marriage views, I have worked my way up to that so I know what I am doing.

My advice and thinking? Being true to yourself is joyful but before you jump onto your Facebook Timeline declaring yourself a ‘Right Winger’, make sure you know it’s great for the business. For some business, politics is no-go where for some it just works.

Think it through carefully! No matter how correct you think you are in politics, there is always another side to it. You want to make sure the other side isn’t your highest value customers!

Love your work, thank you for the read and VOTE YES!

P.S. Trump 2020!

Clever Cool Stuff

I love your work Hump Backpackers! You made me smile and my evening (and inspired this blog!)

I love your work Hump Backpackers! You made me smile and my evening (and inspired this blog!)

I have had an incredible day in the city. It started off with me meeting a new client at Kings Cross and the meeting was wonderful. As parking is INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE in the beautiful City of Sydney and I was forced to drive; I made the decision to park at the Cross.

The council car park there is great for Sydney. The whole day of parking only cost $40, so I left my car there for the day and walked to the CBD and back for my continual meetings.

By the time I finished my day, I was walking home through the infamous ‘Cross’ at night time. I am desensitised to the world around me these days and I saw a few noteworthy events:

–          People selling their ‘services’.

–          People offering me contraband.

–          People inviting me into locations to explore the idea of ‘services’.

–          Lots of funky places.

–          Great Kebab Shops!

–          And a cool poster.

The cool poster was from a Hostel with a cheekily cheesy & cute message saying ‘We accept Walk-ens’ with a picture of one of my favourite actors, Christopher Walken.

Okay! It’s dumb, it’s still, but it is kind of clever and it was something fun that grabbed my attention. For a hostel in Kings Cross this is just wonderful.

My advice and thinking? Don’t be stock standard in your thinking when it comes to Marketing. Really think outside of the square, come up with new ideas and do something different to get attention.

Sometimes the simplest ideas can stand out and win you clients. I try and do the same in my own Marketing and it just works.

Love your work, thank you for the read and here is to some creativity friends!

Invite the WONDERFUL to your events

Debbie, Annie, Lorraine and Kristine rock! They are wonderful and make it wonderful for all!

Debbie, Annie, Lorraine and Kristine rock! They are wonderful and make it wonderful for all!

Our most recent Profitable Marketing Evening was one of the best we have ever run. I know I say this almost every time, but it’s true!

The people were wonderful, I got 5 x wonderful meetings (yay) and everyone has reported wonderful experiences.

So, everything is wonderful, right?

NO! Once you do an outstanding event the pressure is upon us to fill our next event and make it even better than the last one. It’s exactly what I am working through now and when it comes to filling events one after the other, it’s a lot of things one well to make it happen.

A key part of this is directly inviting people you want at the event. I browse my LinkedIn and carefully select people to invite and there are key considerations in which I make:

–          Will they love it?

–          Will people love them?

–          Will they be great potential clients for me?

–          Will they be wonderful and enhance the experience giving a wonderful win / win?

When you run events it’s critical that you have the right people along. I know people which I am ‘okay’ being connected with online, but I wouldn’t want them coming to my events anytime soon. I wouldn’t feel comfortable and members of the community wouldn’t like them either.

Talking to the positive; when you invite the right people, it becomes an incredible experience for everyone.

Be selective, think it through and think of it like a party. Bring in people that want to be there who people want to see and you shall be up for a wonderful time.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

7 x Reasons I love Annie Sophia’s Work!

Annie Sophia rocks and there are many reasons I love her wonderful work!

Annie Sophia rocks and there are many reasons I love her wonderful work!

I have been grateful to know the wonderful Annie Sophia for some years now.

As you may know, I have a very strong eye for talent and I always picked her out from day one as someone of finesse, style and results.

I am proud to say that I was spot on and she spoke this evening at my latest Profitable Marketing Event and she was HOT PROPERTY!

People booked in with her, I loved what she was about and was thoroughly impressed at her results as she spoke about ‘Personal Presence’ to the wonderful high-brow audience. As I drove back home, I thought about the top 7 x reasons as to why I love her work. Enjoy:

1. Annie clearly looks the part. She is an Image Stylist and she looks like one being fashionable herself.

2. She is articulate and can explain herself. If you ask Annie a question, she gives strong answers.

3. Her confidence shines through and you know that she knows what she talks about.

4. Annie gives the right type of information. She knows exactly what to say, when to say it and how to answer questions. I love her work!

5. Patience shines through her showing professionalism and respect.

6. The body language she shows gives off strength.

7. Everyone loves her! (Great old Social Proof).

In short, she is just wonderful and everyone thinks that.

My advice and thinking? Annie Sophia rocks and there is all something we can learn from her. Make sure you get to see her in action and you shall see these seven points and more playing out.

As we see brilliant people in action like her, in helps inspire our game. After all, we become who we hang out with!

Thank you for the read, love your work and appreciation Annie Sophia!