The Dangerous Joy of Mixing Politics and Business!

A rather cute and likeable mailbox!

A rather cute and likeable mailbox!

I never used to be interested in politics. For those that know me or have seen my Twitter timeline, you may find that hard to believe; but it’s true!

I used to not care about voting at all and when I did vote, I used to vote Greens! Yes, I used to vote Greens!

As the years passed, I started to change and my own maturing came from totally losing all my money, stuffing up part of my life and starting again as a drifter living out of my car.

It was a wonderful journey of empowerment for me and as I lived in my ‘mobile house’, I met lots of wonderful people, slept parked on many beaches, sometimes out in the forest under the stars and even enjoyed lots of evenings by myself eating baked beans I heated up on my little stove (or I would build a fire if safe and appropriate).

One time I looked up at the heavens and without pain, avoidance or anything negative; I started really asking myself how I ended up going from a six-figure corporate to a homeless drifter with his little campfire trying to eat on $5 per day (which is quite possible believe it or not).

I realised I ended up homeless because of my dumb / lack of political views! I started to get into the Liberal Party and realise how AWESOME they are and I can rebuild my life through personal responsibility, hard work and starting a business.

Like a typical Middle Eastern guy, I tend to go to the extreme so I joined the party as I restarted my life and it was just wonderful! As I settled in Sydney, I got right into politics and winding the clock forward I got into DONALD TRUMP.

I even worked on his campaign and it was just wonderful playing my small part to help him get elected. Obviously being PRO DONALD TRUMP is a slightly controversial political view but I found that I could somehow pull it off. I got more clients because of the attention I gained and the haters were wonderful! The haters inspired me to go harder and it galvanised me.

Then when GAY MARRIAGE came out, as a proud Libertarian I just had to VOTE YES! Voting YES to for Marriage Equality is just wonderful in that if I truly and Liberal, then you must VOTE YES. From the Liberal Party of Australia Website under ‘About’ it says:

  • “In equal opportunity for all Australians; and the encouragement and facilitation of wealth so that all may enjoy the highest possible standards of living, health, education and social justice.”

When you consider that, it’s very hard to say you are a liberal and you believe in equal opportunity and that when you don’t let gays marry. SO, I VOTED YES! Is it dangerous putting my political views out there? Well perhaps, but I have attracted more fans than critics. The people who don’t like my political views already hate me and whether I vote for their policies or political parties won’t make them like me anymore.

However, when I am true to myself, I attract those I click with and repel those I don’t. Also, I just didn’t start my business espousing Pro Trump / Gay Marriage views, I have worked my way up to that so I know what I am doing.

My advice and thinking? Being true to yourself is joyful but before you jump onto your Facebook Timeline declaring yourself a ‘Right Winger’, make sure you know it’s great for the business. For some business, politics is no-go where for some it just works.

Think it through carefully! No matter how correct you think you are in politics, there is always another side to it. You want to make sure the other side isn’t your highest value customers!

Love your work, thank you for the read and VOTE YES!

P.S. Trump 2020!