CLEVER Wording

Simple and creative ideas can make all the difference!

Simple and creative ideas can make all the difference!

It was a wonderful Saturday with fabulous and very ‘burbs’ middle-class type of activities. Hitting the gym, taking the wonderful family to IKEA and Costco to replenish our depleted groceries was the theme of the day.

It’s quite enjoyable in that there is a wonderful canteen at IKEA (with seemingly anything you want) and if you don’t know what I mean about Costco, make sure you check out this warehouse of absolute joy the first chance you get.

Before we had our IKEA lunch (which is incredible. especially the Nordic Sparking Pear Juice with unlimited refills), we did the rounds through part of the sections.

Many of the products are in funny Swedish names in that after a while, you seemingly can understand if you don’t even speak the language. IKEA must be the smartest retailer that ever existed and there was eye catching wording in all directions.

My favourite was ‘Divide and conquer’ which was talking about a useful storage solution for your bathroom to make the most of your space. It obviously meant separating your items, but it’s also a clever reference to ‘Divide and rule’ or ‘Divide and conquer’ that comes from politics and sociology.

With my competitive mind, I thought it was quite amusing and it gave me a chuckle as part of my shopping experience at IKEA. It was part of the whole entertainment that contributes to the customer experience and I thought it was so simple and great.

My advice and thinking? Be brief and potent in your wording, however keep part of your mind aligned to being ‘clever’. Sometimes a funny phrase, a cool word or anything unique can take some otherwise boring copy writing and make it funny, amusing and interesting.

Very soon I am going to be doing an update to my website and I have been thinking the same thing! It coverts well and people love it and all that; however, I could be more creative in this cycle.

Don’t be beige, be clever! Think outside of the square to spice up what you do to make it even more lovable.

Love your work, thank you for the read and thank you IKEA love your work!