I love your work Hump Backpackers! You made me smile and my evening (and inspired this blog!)

I love your work Hump Backpackers! You made me smile and my evening (and inspired this blog!)

I have had an incredible day in the city. It started off with me meeting a new client at Kings Cross and the meeting was wonderful. As parking is INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE in the beautiful City of Sydney and I was forced to drive; I made the decision to park at the Cross.

The council car park there is great for Sydney. The whole day of parking only cost $40, so I left my car there for the day and walked to the CBD and back for my continual meetings.

By the time I finished my day, I was walking home through the infamous ‘Cross’ at night time. I am desensitised to the world around me these days and I saw a few noteworthy events:

–          People selling their ‘services’.

–          People offering me contraband.

–          People inviting me into locations to explore the idea of ‘services’.

–          Lots of funky places.

–          Great Kebab Shops!

–          And a cool poster.

The cool poster was from a Hostel with a cheekily cheesy & cute message saying ‘We accept Walk-ens’ with a picture of one of my favourite actors, Christopher Walken.

Okay! It’s dumb, it’s still, but it is kind of clever and it was something fun that grabbed my attention. For a hostel in Kings Cross this is just wonderful.

My advice and thinking? Don’t be stock standard in your thinking when it comes to Marketing. Really think outside of the square, come up with new ideas and do something different to get attention.

Sometimes the simplest ideas can stand out and win you clients. I try and do the same in my own Marketing and it just works.

Love your work, thank you for the read and here is to some creativity friends!



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