Annie Sophia made some wonderful points here. I love her work!

Annie Sophia made some wonderful points here. I love her work!

A small proxy battle has emerged in which the awesome Annie Sophia, Nickolas Rorris and Sharon Grant have DECLARED WAR on my sense of fashion.

I don’t blame them and of course I say this with a sense of irony and implied appreciation. As the discussion continued from yesterday, we have all been chatting on Facebook Messenger about my styles and influences.

Where the conversation got productive, is that Annie and the team really discovered what was in my head and what I was trying to achieve with my look. It was only recently that I lost the weight, started buying some new clothes and they asked what I want to project in my dress sense.

For me; it’s delivering Strength, Confidence, Independence, Freedom and Entrepreneurship. This has been based on my casual look which has been very popular and effective.

This has been a wonderful move and they asked me as to where my influences have come from.

This included several being Satya Nadella (the CEO of Microsoft), John Cena (from Wrestling Fame) and of course Harrison Ford (from more the Star Wars & Blade Runner Films).

I have been trying to look strong, tough and guess what? What I am thinking is not coming through and it’s great to hear that. In fact, when I responded this is what she had to say:

“Awesome to have inspo style Ed and the grand reveal of Harrison Ford [as one of your top influnces]. Love his style and can certainly use these elements for your style. I agree with Sharon and I don’t see you styling this look currently.

Style and personally words which come up for me with all these inspo looks:

– Maverick

– Performer

– Institutional

– Street

– Relaxed

– Military

Practical ways you can begin introducing elements of this are:

– Tucking in shirts

– Less baggy, (but not super slim)

– Look at leather accessories- belts (especially if tucking in), satchel bag, shoes / boots

I think you need to begin wearing button up shirts. Casual with arms rolled up.

And khaki, sand, navy coloured Jean pants. An in between of chinos and jeans.

And wearing light ‘bomber’ type jackets.

Nick and I desperate to get you in a sports jacket. It doesn’t need to be so structured and typical.

Look at Microsoft man in first image. Keep it real man.”

These are the images I send through as part of the discussion and the one of Satya they really liked.

Ed's Fashion Pics

My advice and thinking? It’s great to get people giving you top advice and here I am trying to achieve something and it’s not coming through. As I have this input now, it’s got me thinking as to best how to take their ideas and put it into play in my own unique way.

That is great thing about getting feedback. You don’t have to agree with it (which I do), you don’t have to do it, BUT it gets into your mind and steers your behaviour in more of a powerful direction.

Still though, I am not sure about what they are saying in that do I want to tuck in my shirts? Not really, I think I will lose my free type of look. Will tighter jeans be enough or really help? This shall be interesting to explore. I am sort of convinced, and sort of not…

Love your work, thank you Annie, Nick & Sharon and till the next round.



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