Episode I: The transformation of Ed’s Fashion (Thank you Annie Sophia)

Annie, Nick and Sharon are wonderful people. Glad to have the savvy on my side!

Annie, Nick and Sharon are wonderful people. Glad to have the savvy on my side!

It all started a few years ago when I met the incredible Annie Sophia. She is a great friend and a wonderful person who is a top Fashion Stylish and Personal Presence Expert.

I have always clicked with Annie on personal, business and ethical levels and I love supporting her as much as I can.

We met a good two or three years ago at Sydney’s Top Business Chambers and over time gained a mutual respect. Where Annie won me over is that she does exactly what she recommends. She is healthy, fit, happy, obviously fashionable and incredibly stylish.

Like myself, she does what she recommends and those are the people I always take very seriously. Her presence in my own life has inspired me on many levels from dressing better, becoming more affluent in my own thinking and LOSING WEIGHT.

As I have lost the weight over the past 6 months, my fashion sense is under the spot light and the wonderful Nickolas ‘Nick’ Rorris (IT Entrepreneur) and Sharon Grant (Sales Coach & Mentor) have jumped into the project to give their thinking and contributions.

Nick fired off a Facebook Message to all of us making my fashion now a project and even though I am very strong minded; I LOVE BEING PROVEN WRONG with SUPERIOR LOGIC.

I am intelligent, I will argue my point but if someone beats with me logic, facts and great reasons; I am the first to concede and my views will upgrade to their argument. That is probably why I am intelligent in that I am willing to dump poor thinking to upgrade to better thinking.

Of course, my ‘Fashion Sense’ is up for debate (big time) and in getting into the thick of it, this is what Annie said with some imagery:

  • “I’m a huge believer in dressing for your personality so don’t want to at all change that. Great input Nick and Ed (you’re the video king). Also, if the person doesn’t want change then it’s not my or our place to convince. BUT can I say, on a more aesthetic level, you have lost a fantastic amount of weight Ed and it would be a shame to not show that off with even a few new casual pieces that not only are still in line with your casual and approachable brand but is the final piece of the puzzle to the new healthy ‘You’. Think coloured chinos, new jeans and a couple of new polos and casual loafers. These are just tiny changes but could make that little bit of difference for a first impression at say a chamber event and when you present.” &
  • “Polo shirt and jeans good combo for you if you’re wanting to still keep casual – and I know you wouldn’t do a collared shirt. I think the main thing is the right FIT. Slimline, it Ed. Makes a world of difference.”

My advice and thinking? I am strongly considering what they saying, and going to think it through. My initial reactions are:

100% Agree:

  • Keep my own brand, essence and strength.
  • Go a bit slimmer to show off my new ‘figure’ (lol, I just had to keep it now).
  • Stay casual (core part of my brand).

More consideration:

  • Move away from Jeans? I think chinos will weaken me a bit, I like the ‘tough’ look of jeans.
  • Casual Loafers? I don’t think so here, part of my brand is ‘strength’ and I also throw back to my military days with my Doc Marten’s Army Boots.

But hey, I could be wrong! That is the whole point of this exercise, so I am going to think it through and challenge my own beliefs.

My advice and thinking? Annie, Nick & Sharon and wonderful people and true helpers and I love their work. When you are working with incredible people it’s great to take their thinking and input.

I think my fashion sense will keep growing.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!