Creating POWERFUL Content

Perhaps I can just do videos of push-ups every day? I wish!

Perhaps I can just do videos of push-ups every day? I wish!

If you follow me on Facebook & LinkedIn you may have seen before my ‘Pre Coffee MARKETING thoughts with Edward!’ segment. It’s a daily video series that I do every day and it’s one of my most popular video types ever.

There was a day where I got it out late (as I was on a plane) and as it’s just that popular, I had to apologise to a stack of people who was expecting it earlier (I so love their work).

Today I was taking my wonderful daughter for a walk in her stroller and I had an idea for the video that morning. Instead of me just talking to the camera, I would share part of my morning routine doing a video of my push-up set.

I spoke about the importance of health in entrepreneurship and it been a total hit getting lots of views, laughs and engagement. I included me doing the actual push-ups and it was lively, different, funny and very interesting. It’s been one of my most popular ‘Pre Coffee’ videos ever and it’s great!

My thinking is ‘If only I could do it every day’ and it has me thinking about how to create powerful content that just sells. When we are on Social Media (be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Insta, Twitter etc), it comes down to us creating great content.

This includes coming up with content that’s interesting, related to what we do and gives the viewer the information with entertainment.

Creativity is obviously required and from every video I create; I learn more to make my next one even better. I get all sorts of ideas with some being wonderful and ideas which only I think are wonderful (that tragically don’t do that well).

The big reminder from my win of a video today was the importance of being ‘creative’ and always trying different things. Sometimes our ‘different’ really hits a nerve and even if it doesn’t, it’s critical to shake things up with new content and posts all the time.

My advice and thinking? Shake up your social media as much as possible and come up with different posts. Also, don’t be AFRAID TO FAIL! If you do a few posts that bomb, that’s cool. If you keep going, you may put up a viral post that takes your whole business to a new level.

Keep mixing it up and taking your best shot every time. You do that well and you will one day wake up to very POWERFUL content and incredible engagement.

Love your work, thank you for the read and appreciate all the likes and comments today. You rock!