Wonderful people on a similar ‘Energetic Wavelength’

James Meli did an incredible job setting the scene for everyone to just get along. I love his work!

James Meli did an incredible job setting the scene for everyone to just get along. I love his work!

If you are looking at my heading thinking that Ed has gone off into ‘Woo-Woo’ land talking about ‘Energetic Wavelengths’ then you are correct.

This Pro-Trump, Pro-Gay Marriage, Pro-Microsoft, Pro-Opinionated person has done exactly that and if anything; I have been relying on my feelings much more lately for when I interact with people.

Interestingly I have been working lots of LinkedIn lately in terms of getting high value appointments, new clients and inviting ‘select’ people to my workshops. After a while on the platform, you can basically peek at someone’s LinkedIn profile and get a vibe as to whether they are going to be nice to you, or tell you to leave them alone.

As I meet wonderful people as well, I just get that ‘nice feel’ from them and I had an exact case of that recently. It was a wonderful partner event with my friend James Meli talking to us about Self-Managed Super Funds and he did an incredible job.

James has a great vibe about him, the room had a great vibe and everyone just got along with it being wonderful. The event quickly transcended another ‘Networking Event’ to being spending time with my friends and it just great!

When I refer to ‘Energetic Wavelengths’, I am talking that we are on a similar ‘Vibrational Energy’ which means that we are all in a similar state of being. Basically, we are on ‘same page’ with lots of overlapping ideas, moods and outlook (hence we just get along).

Win / Win, kindness before money, judging someone on the content of their character and professional are values we all hold dear and it makes being around each other extremely pleasant. When this occurs, you can ‘feel’ wonderful people nearby and equally deflect / avoid people who are not.

My advice and thinking? Energy, Energy and Energy! Do some Google Research on what I am talking about and keep in mind how you feel around certain people.

You may feel great, neutral or uncomfortable. Listen to your feelings and ask questions as to why. This will take you into some incredible places of discovery and learning. This allows you also to surround yourself with just the right wonderful people to make life enjoyable and very profitable.

Love your work, thank you James for the great speech and stay awesome friends.