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The Marathaton of Success

Business is a long-haul and when we see it that way, it becomes fun. Rest while you can! (My cat get this well).

Business is a long-haul and when we see it that way, it becomes fun. Rest while you can! (My cat get this well).

It was 4:45PM on Friday where I was having a powerful productive phone discussion with an awesome client.

He is getting right into the high end business networking scene and he had the major epiphany I had some years ago when he said:

“Edward, this is a marathon isn’t it?”

I couldn’t agree more and congratulated him when he clicked to this point. I explained to him that I have been hitting at least 2 x networking events for a few years now and that has been the major driver of my success in terms of getting clients and success.

What happens in this scenario however is that it’s not so much ‘intelligence’ to win the day, but more ‘intelligence’ expressed as endurance. I have had some weeks where I have been working with tons of awesome clients and let’s say it’s Thursday night and I am fried. It’s happened many times to me actually and let’s say there is a great networking event on that night (where say I stand a chance of meeting a new client).

I am really tired, BUT I must choose to go and become part of the event. Then, let’s say I have a client at 10AM tomorrow – and I still haven’t written my daily blog that day?

Well in that scenario, it’s putting in and having the willpower to keep at it. That involves mindset yes, but it also involves being physically health and able to actually do it.

My advice and thinking wonderful friends? Business and success is a long-haul, not a short-term sprint. Get ready for it and enjoy it.

Make sure you are healthy, smiling and you pace yourself. The better you do that, the happier and more successful you shall be.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!

Just do more!

More. More. More!

More. More. More!

It was an awesome day and it was about 4:45PM when I spoke to an awesome client today late Friday afternoon (before the weekend session kicks in).

He is a very cool coach and the type of man of who is a deep, intelligent and global thinker. He internalises quite well and in a way, we are quite opposites in what we do and what we provide (hence a great fit).

As we spoke about Marketing and discussed some key ideas and business networking is one of the key areas he is getting into now (being the Parramatta and NSW Business Chambers). We were talking about his approach for that and ultimately his emerging success comes down to one core idea:

– Going to lots of them!

I recommended 2 x networking events per week and usually with that level of intensity people do well. Let’s say you meet at least 10 x new people per event (massive underestimate, usually it’s about 20). You grow your network by 20 x people a week and over time this just ads up to more and more.

Let’s say 5 x weeks pass, you now know another 100 x people. One of them will be crazy / awesome enough to hire you and hence that is the way the model works. You get out there, build relationships, meet more people and things just stack up and grow over time.

I know tons of awesome business owners who actually have the right Marketing type of thinking except they are just missing the ‘volume’.

That can be say not enough networking events, not enough posts on FB or whatever the case maybe.

So my advice awesome friends? If you know you are doing the right things, maybe you aren’t doing enough. Ramp it up and enjoy the rewards.

Love your work, thanks for the read, share it with those it can help and stay awesome!

P.S. Thank you secret client, you rock and keep up the great work!

Cool Venues, Warm People, Hot Events

The British Chamber night at the 'Powerhouse Museum' was HOT. Loved it and very awesome!

The British Chamber night at the ‘Powerhouse Museum’ was HOT. Loved it and very awesome!

It’s been quite an awesome few months for me as I have got out of my sandbox and gone extra hard in exploring Sydney and meeting plenty of new people.

One key arc of that has been my new involvement in the British Chamber of Commerce and getting into a whole new world of people, experiences and ideas. Compared the other changes I work with, the British Chamber has larger businesses present and it’s been remarkable networking with them, getting to know them and of course – working hard to pick up some as awesome clients.

Tonight was an extra special event at the awesome “Collette Dinnigan” fashion display at Powerhouse Museum. Even though I am obviously a dude, the fashionable sense of the place was fantastic and bringing gender into the discussion, this event must have been 80% women at least.

It was a great event, I have just finished adding people I met to LinkedIn and following up with them via email and I am reflecting on what makes a great event / type of business chamber experience. For me, it’s been a combination of great people, the right place and the best managers – all done well, it creates something that is fun, enticing and great for everyone.

Tonight the British Chamber was exactly those elements. It became a fun, happening environment with tons of great people who I was able to connect with in a fun win / win way. The relationships are being built! For me, it’s now the enjoyable time frame of making friends with everyone and getting lots of awesome high value clients (as I do).

What facilitates that process are great people and top environments. Style makes it all that much better and there is nothing better than meeting people at ‘Hot Events’.

My advice and thinking wonderful friends? Time is short, so only go to awesome events and contribute hard to the experience of others. You want to meet people with fun and in style – British Chamber is a great example of that.

The more people you meet, the more powerful one becomes – as it’s played out for me.

Get out there and explore yes – but explore in style.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!

The Impressive Manly Chamber of Commerce

Manly Chamber of Commerce was a hit! I'll be back.

Manly Chamber of Commerce was a hit! I’ll be back.

I finally made it! After 12 months of thinking about it, knowing of it’s existance and then having the NSW Business Chamber promote it, I finally made the decision to go.

It didn’t take long for me to realise it’s one incredibly well run chamber with great people, top locations and top management. The people were kind, the food was great, it was organised nicely and I invited a few people along to join me.

We all left very happy and I can now finally tell clients with credibility that I have gone to Manly Chamber of Commerce and *I know* it’s awesome.

I must have been to at least 500 networking events since I have been in business and have seen the worst, the best and everything else in between. There are lots of objective and subjective factors that make a business networking event great (and this can vary from person to person of course). Obvious things include items such as is it on the right night, in the right part of town and are your clients in the room?

The not so obvious critical factors may be if you get along with people in the room and whether the structure suits you or not.

From my end, the Manly Chamber of Commerce ticks all boxes and I love it. It’s been great locating them through the NSW Business Chamber and to only great things ahead.

I shall be back soon and can’t wait. If you are in Sydney’s Northern Beaches or if you are working this part of town, I suggest you check out their website right here and learn more.

Share this article with those it can help, stay awesome to more great times ahead in Manly!

Strength, Focus & Getting it Done

The Awesome Cathy Hall with her new business card. She gets it done and love it!

The Awesome Cathy Hall with her new business card. She gets it done and love it!

I have had an amazing few months in working with just awesome clients. One of the great people I have been blessed to work with is Cathy Hall from SumIT Accounting.

She is a CA and someone who in a short time has made a great impression as the type of person that I love working with. In a very short time we have covered lots of ground including getting the Marketing Strategy right and also working through the Logo, Branding and Graphics (with Phillip Raish and co from WILD FX).

It came together incredibly quickly and as she emerges to take her business to the next level, we both hit the Cumberland Chamber Business Networking event tonight.

Cathy scores a lot of points with me like many of my my awesome clients in that she has three key traits that is great for her own success. In short, I see them as:

Strength: Cathy has the fortitude to get work done and can handle reality (and what Sydney can dish out at you).

Focus: She is will to focus on the key issues that matter, ignoring what else that doesn’t.

Getting it done mindset: As it sounds, pure and simple.

When it comes to the successful people I know and work with, they are people of intelligence and action. I find that people of ‘talk’ aren’t always people of ‘doing’. Ultimately, the ‘doing’ is what brings in the results.

My advice and thinking? When it comes to business, your marketing and work – be tough, get it done and over time your clients will love you.

I have pushed myself to achieve the same personally and it’s not only financially rewarding, it’s very satisfying.

Love your work, thanks for the read, share it with those it can help and stay awesome!

The Meaning of ANZAC Day to me

A very early shot of the Centotaph at Martin Place (Sydney CBD). You can feel the love there!

A very early shot of the Centotaph at Martin Place (Sydney CBD). You can feel the love there!

ANZAC day means a lot of things to many people and it’s a frosty 6:36AM in Sydney CBD writing this article (sitting in Starbucks in Circular Quay).

There must have been thousands out in Martin Place this morning and it was a very joyful / emotional type of experience. It was joyful from the point of view of many coming to support it and incredibly emotional from the viewpoint of *you knowing* who have lost family members to war out there.

I have heard some really unfair criticism of ANZAC day from some people who take the viewpoint “Well, I fought in X and what about me? Why do they get the glory and I don’t?”

It’s very unfair critique from people who really don’t know the facts, intent or logical behind ANZAC day (fortunately there aren’t many thank God).

To me, it’s a nod to anyone that decides to stand in harms way – be it in a green, white, blue, black, yellow or red uniform (I am trying to reference Police, Ambulance, Military and Black Ops).

That is what it’s really all about and one thing that impresses me about ANZAC Day are our Turkish comrades on this one. Both sides were at war (and involved in battles which were pointless at the time that history proved to be pointless), yet they have become awesome pals over the years.

For me it gave me a chance to remember some of my own fallen comrades over time. I had some great friends when I was in service and sometimes I remember them clearly and sometimes it gets incredibly fuzzy. Still however, it gave me a chance to remember them and give them a nod in my own unique way.

My advice awesome friends? If you are in Australia or from probably any Western Civilization, ‘Freedom ain’t free’ and lots of people paid for it. ANZAC Day is our salute, pride and appreciation to all of the fallen, the current and the ones into the future.

Stay awesome, it’s now 6:52AM as I finish the blog and it’s warming up (horray!)

The Idea of ANZAC Day

Anzac's and the power of an idea! The badge I shall be wearing and looking forward to tomorrow!

Anzac’s and the power of an idea! The badge I shall be wearing and looking forward to tomorrow!

I am a massive fan of the film V for Vendetta! It stars Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, Stephen Rea and it is basically set in an alternate future when “V” fights back at an oppressive police state controlling the UK.

It explores many themes about humanity, oppression, tyranny and really explores resistance and goes into what an ‘idea’ is. Without blowing the plot (as I highly recommend it), it shows how an ‘idea’ transcends people, one’s life and even our generation.

I am planning on getting up at 2AM tomorrow so I can make it to Sydney CBD by 4AM for the Anzac Day Celebrations and I am pumped. As an ex-Military Guy (who earned his combat badge in the black ops side of things), I couldn’t think of anything better and I am realising that:

– This idea is getting many people out of bed at 2AM tomorrow!

It’s quite impressive actually, looking at the Anzac’s with a very 21st century viewpoint, the Australian & New Zealand Army were pretty much a small “Resistance Army” at best in those days. Without being a historian, it was a troubled operation, many soldiers died – however, the extreme dedication of the troops led them actually forming a beach head and fighting extreme odds against an entrenched and far larger army (talking a good 100 years ago).

Basically reflecting on this and the ‘power of an idea’, the Australian & New Zealand troops valour in combat gave them an immortal place in world history. Today we respect them, have a National Holiday and people get out to commemorate them and modern day defence personnel.

Anzac Day is one of those ultimate ideas that ensure history for many years to come and even though I am quite for it, we have had many critical of it – it’s such a strong idea that has had its revival and is something quite worthy.

My thinking and insights on this one?

Great ideas are powerful and can transcend any of us. Anzac Day is such a powerful part of the Australian national identity and regardless of those that are critical of it, we know it’s not going anywhere. If anything, the more flak it gets – the more popular it becomes.

That is what you call a powerful idea.

Love it, I better get some rest soon, tomorrow is going to be one happening day! (Very early day mind you).

Learning from Nahji Chu about NO Competition!

Nahji Chu rocked with powerful advice and ideas!

Nahji Chu rocked with powerful advice and ideas!

I sharpened my own Marketing & Business with today with Dai Le, Nina and Miss Chu today.

As I sit here writing this article now, I am learning from the awesome Nahji Chu who is the “Queen of Rice Paper Rolls” and a powerful self made entrepreneur.  Her proven knowledge is admirable and right from here, I got my favourite key distinction / focused thought:

+ If you are creating something new, you have no competition!

That is so true. If you are creating something new, be it a brand new product or creating a new service, it puts you in a league of your own and competition becomes a very difficult thing!

For me, I have been working very hard on my own business and ideas to provide something unique that is hard to get elsewhere. What I have learned especially is that if you aren’t doing anything different / new, it’s very hard to deliver superior profitability and gets lots of high value clients.

In my business, I have no competition – as I am one of the rare people in town who focus on driving new clients and I cut to the chase with proven ideas. It has done well for me in a Market Place full of Coaches, Mentors and Consultants.

The awesome Nahji is spot on and I love her work. She is super precise in what she is saying and that’s it:

+ You must have your unique edge and point of difference.

You have that, then you truly have something new that sets you apart. My big advice and lesson here friends? Work hard on your business and come up with something new.

Think about your point of difference, what you bring and communicate that with strength, confidence and smile in style!

Love your work, thanks for read, share this with those it can help and stay awesome!

Those that stand in harms way

Girl Power. Love it. Don't mess with them. They rock and nice!

Girl Power. Love it. Don’t mess with them. They rock and nice!

It was an impressive sight you don’t see every day. Walking through the hustle and bustle of Sydney CBD and seeing military all over the place.

They are smiling, happy, looking the part and proudly supporting the ANZAC’s from almost 100 years ago. This reminded me of my cool older military / agent self from a very long time ago and seeing both women and men in uniform always makes me feel happy / safe in one way or another.

What really resonated with me (that was very noticeable) was the respect that they were given by people around them. They sold lots of ANZAC items and people were only too interested in getting selfies (talking me here) and you could feel the positive vibes being given to people around them.

It’s really good to see and one thing I can say is that in Australia, we are a country that is very respectful of our heritage when it comes to those that have made the ultimate sacrifice.

I know we hear that on the surface quite often and in this situation, I spoke to a few Navy girls in uniform. They looked quite like movie stars and as I moved on after speaking with them (and getting the selfie), it reminded me of how people:

– Actually choose to be the front line and stand in harm’s way.

And this isn’t ‘harm’s way’ in terms of hurtful words, they are literally the modern day warriors with Assault Rifles, Air Strikes, Naval Strikes, Agent Missions, Marksmen (& Women being PC lol) and everything it takes to keep a country safe.

While many of us sleep at night and do our thing, you have people who work night and doing missions, preventing situations and dealing with extreme violent situations to keep things together.

That’s really cool! It’s something we don’t think about all the time and this ANZAC day (and speaking to those cool military women) reminded me of this point:

– They are willing to give their lives to protect us.

Sounds a bit dark I know, but it’s not extreme. It’s a fact, isn’t that cool!

Thank you awesome Navy Girls for the chat (you rock), thank you Australian Military and to our ANZAC’s from a century ago.

I will be thinking about them over the next few days!

Creating podcasts and compelling content

Creating the Podcast with Zoran was fun, entertaining and a very profitable thing to do. Watch this space!

Creating the Podcast with Zoran was fun, entertaining and a very profitable thing to do. Watch this space!

It was a great day today! It started off hitting the gym, answering emails, working with awesome clients and it ended in an opportunity to create some great content.

I have been lucky to work with and know Zoran and Sophie from Xcllusive Business Sales. They are one of Sydney’s top Business Brokers who I am lucky to work with and they have recently invested in a stack of equipment to make Podcasts.

In short, ‘Podcast’ is a very general term for audio or video in a series that is often subscribed too. In this case, Zoran is in the process of building his own Podcast channel giving business improvement strategies, concepts and ideas to listeners.

Why is he doing that?

His reasoning is identical to this blog you are reading or say the videos on my Facebook page – it’s about giving great ideas, value and information to help people, *which in turn promotes yourself*.

It’s been the basis on how I have built my business and something to this very moment I do with satisfaction, pride and success. In reflecting on this as I drove back through peak hour Sydney traffic back home, it got me thinking about the critical importance of content and what really matters.

Ultimately in our marketing, we are required to create content these days for any meaningful result. This can be tips, information about our products, or even ‘educational entertainment’ that hits the mark on on our target market.

To me, whether you do Facebook Videos, Podcasts as downloadable audio or even blogging is not as critical as the type of content you put out. I know people (including myself) who are successful in each of these areas and it’s ultimately the type of content they put out that gets results back in.

My advice and thinking? Think about what you are doing in your marketing and be generous with great information. I find you can never give away too much information as the more give you, the more you impress people and the more likely you are to get back.

It can be anything from the value of your own knowledge to that of what your products can do. All works and all helps!

Trust this simulated some thoughts, thank you Zoran & Sophie from Xcllusive, like and share + stay awesome friends!

Mutual Respect & Not Crossing that Line

Liking and respecting each other is everything in a great business relationship. The best case in any situation!

Liking and respecting each other is everything in a great business relationship. The best case in any situation!

Awesome friends, I had a great chat with ironically another Persian Business Man today (yes friends, it’s turns out I am not the only Persian in Sydney).

I have known this man for quite a few years and he is very kind, works very hard, helps out the community and I have seen him volunteer in quite a few places.

Like myself, he is the sort of man who takes his clients very seriously and professionalism / quality of work means a lot to him.

Where we really clicked again today and compared notes on this topic where he explained to me a few clients that really pushed him unfairly and crossed the line with him.

In those situations he would work with the client, try and help them, then explain to them what is going down. If they didn’t accept a logical explanation, he would finish up with them and move on. That has happened to me a few times over the years and I really like it. I agree with the term ‘The Customer is Always Right’ as well as ‘Respect is a two way street’.

When it comes to clients, I like to be friends with them, help them and really get to know them and help them beyond what they are asking for. This may be inviting them to private events, referring them business – basically going far beyond the call of duty.

I love having clients that I totally respect on a deep level. Likewise too, I like it for them to respect me too. I have found that when they don’t, I can give them a very logical, proven argument and they may not listen.

This doesn’t help anyone in such situations and like my Persian friend said today, you both have to respect each other. Once you have crossed that ‘line of respect’ with someone, it’s really hard to come back the other side of it (and if you do make up, it’s always that thing you remember).

My advice and thinking is this friends. If you stuff up or do something wrong, you fix it right away. If you have done a great job and someone doesn’t appreciate that – make sure you explain things to them so they get it. If they then don’t take logical / reasonable thinking and disrespect you, finish up with them.

The world is a small, yet massive place and there are many people out there awesome, or even more awesome than us. Find them and help them.

Love your work, thank you my secret Persian Friend (you know who you are) and stay awesome!


Webinar Recording: Creating 90 Days of Profitable Sales & Marketing

Creating 90 Days of Profitable Success Rocked. Enjoy!

Creating 90 Days of Profitable Success Rocked. Enjoy!

Tonight’s Live Webinar was fascinating in the extremely highly attention I had (I can tell with the software) and people were so wired I was asked little questions.

I think the main reason is that the message was extremely simple, “Get it done and in the right order”. With the 90 Day Action Planning tool, it’s all about that – working out what do next in the right order.

As you work through this webinar, it’s great that you think through what is really important that *must be* done right now.

Survival comes first and then beyond that you can work on the cool stuff that will take your game to the next level.

If you need hand, check out my Awesome Marketing Vault / Contact me. Here to help you totally kick butt and win.

Enjoy the recording, share it with those it can help and stay awesome!