The British Chamber night at the 'Powerhouse Museum' was HOT. Loved it and very awesome!

The British Chamber night at the ‘Powerhouse Museum’ was HOT. Loved it and very awesome!

It’s been quite an awesome few months for me as I have got out of my sandbox and gone extra hard in exploring Sydney and meeting plenty of new people.

One key arc of that has been my new involvement in the British Chamber of Commerce and getting into a whole new world of people, experiences and ideas. Compared the other changes I work with, the British Chamber has larger businesses present and it’s been remarkable networking with them, getting to know them and of course – working hard to pick up some as awesome clients.

Tonight was an extra special event at the awesome “Collette Dinnigan” fashion display at Powerhouse Museum. Even though I am obviously a dude, the fashionable sense of the place was fantastic and bringing gender into the discussion, this event must have been 80% women at least.

It was a great event, I have just finished adding people I met to LinkedIn and following up with them via email and I am reflecting on what makes a great event / type of business chamber experience. For me, it’s been a combination of great people, the right place and the best managers – all done well, it creates something that is fun, enticing and great for everyone.

Tonight the British Chamber was exactly those elements. It became a fun, happening environment with tons of great people who I was able to connect with in a fun win / win way. The relationships are being built! For me, it’s now the enjoyable time frame of making friends with everyone and getting lots of awesome high value clients (as I do).

What facilitates that process are great people and top environments. Style makes it all that much better and there is nothing better than meeting people at ‘Hot Events’.

My advice and thinking wonderful friends? Time is short, so only go to awesome events and contribute hard to the experience of others. You want to meet people with fun and in style – British Chamber is a great example of that.

The more people you meet, the more powerful one becomes – as it’s played out for me.

Get out there and explore yes – but explore in style.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!



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  1. I’ve always wondered Edward why not the Australian chamber. I understand for a business growth plan and for business expansion though why not the Aussie chamber??

    • It’s funny you say that Scott, I have never heard of an ‘Australian Chamber’ at all in my journey’s nor has it ever crossed my mind. I am in Parramatta Chamber and NSW Chamber 🙂 Two Aussie Chambers I guess! Lol

  2. Hi Edward,

    Love your blog title dearly! Very cool 🙂

    I like your conclusion – ‘The more people you meet, the more powerful one becomes’. That is also true in my case. As I know more people, I have been able to identify who are the best people to be associated with.

    When one is connected with ‘Giver Friends’ like you, one’s world expands drastically.

    Thank you for your connect, knowledge and wisdom … and most importantly, SHARING!

    • Thank you Viola! That is true isn’t it? I have found that one side of what we do is quality and the other side is a massive numbers game. If you are meeting say 40 x new people every week, it doesn’t take long to find someone who just turns around and hire you. Keeping putting oneself out there for sure!

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