Just do more!

More. More. More!

More. More. More!

It was an awesome day and it was about 4:45PM when I spoke to an awesome client today late Friday afternoon (before the weekend session kicks in).

He is a very cool coach and the type of man of who is a deep, intelligent and global thinker. He internalises quite well and in a way, we are quite opposites in what we do and what we provide (hence a great fit).

As we spoke about Marketing and discussed some key ideas and business networking is one of the key areas he is getting into now (being the Parramatta and NSW Business Chambers). We were talking about his approach for that and ultimately his emerging success comes down to one core idea:

– Going to lots of them!

I recommended 2 x networking events per week and usually with that level of intensity people do well. Let’s say you meet at least 10 x new people per event (massive underestimate, usually it’s about 20). You grow your network by 20 x people a week and over time this just ads up to more and more.

Let’s say 5 x weeks pass, you now know another 100 x people. One of them will be crazy / awesome enough to hire you and hence that is the way the model works. You get out there, build relationships, meet more people and things just stack up and grow over time.

I know tons of awesome business owners who actually have the right Marketing type of thinking except they are just missing the ‘volume’.

That can be say not enough networking events, not enough posts on FB or whatever the case maybe.

So my advice awesome friends? If you know you are doing the right things, maybe you aren’t doing enough. Ramp it up and enjoy the rewards.

Love your work, thanks for the read, share it with those it can help and stay awesome!

P.S. Thank you secret client, you rock and keep up the great work!