Manly Chamber of Commerce was a hit! I'll be back.

Manly Chamber of Commerce was a hit! I’ll be back.

I finally made it! After 12 months of thinking about it, knowing of it’s existance and then having the NSW Business Chamber promote it, I finally made the decision to go.

It didn’t take long for me to realise it’s one incredibly well run chamber with great people, top locations and top management. The people were kind, the food was great, it was organised nicely and I invited a few people along to join me.

We all left very happy and I can now finally tell clients with credibility that I have gone to Manly Chamber of Commerce and *I know* it’s awesome.

I must have been to at least 500 networking events since I have been in business and have seen the worst, the best and everything else in between. There are lots of objective and subjective factors that make a business networking event great (and this can vary from person to person of course). Obvious things include items such as is it on the right night, in the right part of town and are your clients in the room?

The not so obvious critical factors may be if you get along with people in the room and whether the structure suits you or not.

From my end, the Manly Chamber of Commerce ticks all boxes and I love it. It’s been great locating them through the NSW Business Chamber and to only great things ahead.

I shall be back soon and can’t wait. If you are in Sydney’s Northern Beaches or if you are working this part of town, I suggest you check out their website right here and learn more.

Share this article with those it can help, stay awesome to more great times ahead in Manly!



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