The Awesome Cathy Hall with her new business card. She gets it done and love it!

The Awesome Cathy Hall with her new business card. She gets it done and love it!

I have had an amazing few months in working with just awesome clients. One of the great people I have been blessed to work with is Cathy Hall from SumIT Accounting.

She is a CA and someone who in a short time has made a great impression as the type of person that I love working with. In a very short time we have covered lots of ground including getting the Marketing Strategy right and also working through the Logo, Branding and Graphics (with Phillip Raish and co from WILD FX).

It came together incredibly quickly and as she emerges to take her business to the next level, we both hit the Cumberland Chamber Business Networking event tonight.

Cathy scores a lot of points with me like many of my my awesome clients in that she has three key traits that is great for her own success. In short, I see them as:

Strength: Cathy has the fortitude to get work done and can handle reality (and what Sydney can dish out at you).

Focus: She is will to focus on the key issues that matter, ignoring what else that doesn’t.

Getting it done mindset: As it sounds, pure and simple.

When it comes to the successful people I know and work with, they are people of intelligence and action. I find that people of ‘talk’ aren’t always people of ‘doing’. Ultimately, the ‘doing’ is what brings in the results.

My advice and thinking? When it comes to business, your marketing and work – be tough, get it done and over time your clients will love you.

I have pushed myself to achieve the same personally and it’s not only financially rewarding, it’s very satisfying.

Love your work, thanks for the read, share it with those it can help and stay awesome!



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  1. Hi Edward,

    This is awesome! Your words ‘intelligence and action’ reminded me of those days when my children were still young. I shared that those students who excel were the ones that were not necessarily the most intelligent. Yet, they CHOSE not to procrastinate and get things done.

    ‘Average intelligent + action’ outperform ‘Intelligence and NO action’. Would you agree?

    By the way, thumbs up for awesome Cathy!!

    • Great one Viola and thank you! That is so true, doing nothing = nothing for sure. So doing something over nothing (assuming it’s not completely nuts), generally works better! Love your work, almost a philosophical conversation beyond marketing.

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