A very early shot of the Centotaph at Martin Place (Sydney CBD). You can feel the love there!

A very early shot of the Centotaph at Martin Place (Sydney CBD). You can feel the love there!

ANZAC day means a lot of things to many people and it’s a frosty 6:36AM in Sydney CBD writing this article (sitting in Starbucks in Circular Quay).

There must have been thousands out in Martin Place this morning and it was a very joyful / emotional type of experience. It was joyful from the point of view of many coming to support it and incredibly emotional from the viewpoint of *you knowing* who have lost family members to war out there.

I have heard some really unfair criticism of ANZAC day from some people who take the viewpoint “Well, I fought in X and what about me? Why do they get the glory and I don’t?”

It’s very unfair critique from people who really don’t know the facts, intent or logical behind ANZAC day (fortunately there aren’t many thank God).

To me, it’s a nod to anyone that decides to stand in harms way – be it in a green, white, blue, black, yellow or red uniform (I am trying to reference Police, Ambulance, Military and Black Ops).

That is what it’s really all about and one thing that impresses me about ANZAC Day are our Turkish comrades on this one. Both sides were at war (and involved in battles which were pointless at the time that history proved to be pointless), yet they have become awesome pals over the years.

For me it gave me a chance to remember some of my own fallen comrades over time. I had some great friends when I was in service and sometimes I remember them clearly and sometimes it gets incredibly fuzzy. Still however, it gave me a chance to remember them and give them a nod in my own unique way.

My advice awesome friends? If you are in Australia or from probably any Western Civilization, ‘Freedom ain’t free’ and lots of people paid for it. ANZAC Day is our salute, pride and appreciation to all of the fallen, the current and the ones into the future.

Stay awesome, it’s now 6:52AM as I finish the blog and it’s warming up (horray!)



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