Anzac's and the power of an idea! The badge I shall be wearing and looking forward to tomorrow!

Anzac’s and the power of an idea! The badge I shall be wearing and looking forward to tomorrow!

I am a massive fan of the film V for Vendetta! It stars Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, Stephen Rea and it is basically set in an alternate future when “V” fights back at an oppressive police state controlling the UK.

It explores many themes about humanity, oppression, tyranny and really explores resistance and goes into what an ‘idea’ is. Without blowing the plot (as I highly recommend it), it shows how an ‘idea’ transcends people, one’s life and even our generation.

I am planning on getting up at 2AM tomorrow so I can make it to Sydney CBD by 4AM for the Anzac Day Celebrations and I am pumped. As an ex-Military Guy (who earned his combat badge in the black ops side of things), I couldn’t think of anything better and I am realising that:

– This idea is getting many people out of bed at 2AM tomorrow!

It’s quite impressive actually, looking at the Anzac’s with a very 21st century viewpoint, the Australian & New Zealand Army were pretty much a small “Resistance Army” at best in those days. Without being a historian, it was a troubled operation, many soldiers died – however, the extreme dedication of the troops led them actually forming a beach head and fighting extreme odds against an entrenched and far larger army (talking a good 100 years ago).

Basically reflecting on this and the ‘power of an idea’, the Australian & New Zealand troops valour in combat gave them an immortal place in world history. Today we respect them, have a National Holiday and people get out to commemorate them and modern day defence personnel.

Anzac Day is one of those ultimate ideas that ensure history for many years to come and even though I am quite for it, we have had many critical of it – it’s such a strong idea that has had its revival and is something quite worthy.

My thinking and insights on this one?

Great ideas are powerful and can transcend any of us. Anzac Day is such a powerful part of the Australian national identity and regardless of those that are critical of it, we know it’s not going anywhere. If anything, the more flak it gets – the more popular it becomes.

That is what you call a powerful idea.

Love it, I better get some rest soon, tomorrow is going to be one happening day! (Very early day mind you).



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