Nahji Chu rocked with powerful advice and ideas!

Nahji Chu rocked with powerful advice and ideas!

I sharpened my own Marketing & Business with today with Dai Le, Nina and Miss Chu today.

As I sit here writing this article now, I am learning from the awesome Nahji Chu who is the “Queen of Rice Paper Rolls” and a powerful self made entrepreneur.  Her proven knowledge is admirable and right from here, I got my favourite key distinction / focused thought:

+ If you are creating something new, you have no competition!

That is so true. If you are creating something new, be it a brand new product or creating a new service, it puts you in a league of your own and competition becomes a very difficult thing!

For me, I have been working very hard on my own business and ideas to provide something unique that is hard to get elsewhere. What I have learned especially is that if you aren’t doing anything different / new, it’s very hard to deliver superior profitability and gets lots of high value clients.

In my business, I have no competition – as I am one of the rare people in town who focus on driving new clients and I cut to the chase with proven ideas. It has done well for me in a Market Place full of Coaches, Mentors and Consultants.

The awesome Nahji is spot on and I love her work. She is super precise in what she is saying and that’s it:

+ You must have your unique edge and point of difference.

You have that, then you truly have something new that sets you apart. My big advice and lesson here friends? Work hard on your business and come up with something new.

Think about your point of difference, what you bring and communicate that with strength, confidence and smile in style!

Love your work, thanks for read, share this with those it can help and stay awesome!



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