Girl Power. Love it. Don't mess with them. They rock and nice!

Girl Power. Love it. Don’t mess with them. They rock and nice!

It was an impressive sight you don’t see every day. Walking through the hustle and bustle of Sydney CBD and seeing military all over the place.

They are smiling, happy, looking the part and proudly supporting the ANZAC’s from almost 100 years ago. This reminded me of my cool older military / agent self from a very long time ago and seeing both women and men in uniform always makes me feel happy / safe in one way or another.

What really resonated with me (that was very noticeable) was the respect that they were given by people around them. They sold lots of ANZAC items and people were only too interested in getting selfies (talking me here) and you could feel the positive vibes being given to people around them.

It’s really good to see and one thing I can say is that in Australia, we are a country that is very respectful of our heritage when it comes to those that have made the ultimate sacrifice.

I know we hear that on the surface quite often and in this situation, I spoke to a few Navy girls in uniform. They looked quite like movie stars and as I moved on after speaking with them (and getting the selfie), it reminded me of how people:

– Actually choose to be the front line and stand in harm’s way.

And this isn’t ‘harm’s way’ in terms of hurtful words, they are literally the modern day warriors with Assault Rifles, Air Strikes, Naval Strikes, Agent Missions, Marksmen (& Women being PC lol) and everything it takes to keep a country safe.

While many of us sleep at night and do our thing, you have people who work night and doing missions, preventing situations and dealing with extreme violent situations to keep things together.

That’s really cool! It’s something we don’t think about all the time and this ANZAC day (and speaking to those cool military women) reminded me of this point:

– They are willing to give their lives to protect us.

Sounds a bit dark I know, but it’s not extreme. It’s a fact, isn’t that cool!

Thank you awesome Navy Girls for the chat (you rock), thank you Australian Military and to our ANZAC’s from a century ago.

I will be thinking about them over the next few days!



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    • Thank you Helen and you rock! Love what you do and your great work – thank you for being so awesome and protecting us!

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