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When you feel like stopping…

At times we don't all feel like it. Just doing a video and thinking about Gordon Ramsay seems to get me back in the zone...

At times we don’t all feel like it. Just doing a video and thinking about Gordon Ramsay seems to get me back in the zone…

Yes it even happens to me. I reach times in my work where I feel ‘blah’ and just can’t for the life of me move forward. Believe it or not I actually feel like that now.

I ate too much Italian Food last night, missed the gym and right now my body is saying just ‘blah’ to me. I then instantly felt like it’s all too hard after having some very confusing dreams all night.

So for a moment I felt like it was too hard and like stopping. When you feel like that in life what is the best cure?

Do some work, do something great and push yourself hard to snap out of it!

As I wrote that sentence just then on this nice Sunday at 8:41AM it’s already had this affect on me. I have put a video on Facebook already, writing my blog now and basically I can promise you that at times like this I never miss a beat.

It’s natural to be ‘human’ and at times not feel like playing ball, doing work or pushing yourself and it does happen to the best of us. What I find is that we cannot dwell there too long. If you do, you can really put yourself in a spiral of mental defeat.

I used to do that all the time and talking more Marketing, if you are say a Mentor, Coach, Consultant or just a Small Business Owner like myself – your success comes from putting yourself out there all the time. You can’t be down for too long and besides that – it’s just no fun.

My advice and thinking? It’s going to happen but snap out of it fast. The more you do that, the more successful, profitable and happier in life you are going to become. I feel that way now actually, already pre-coffee writing this blog – has got me back in the zone.

Next time you don’t feel like it. It’s the perfect time to make yourself do something impressive.

Love your work, thanks for the read, please share and stay awesome!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor & Commentator

5 Calls a Day

Easy, free and so well worth it...

Easy, free and so well worth it…

From a few different clients at once, I was finally inspired to install a new process in my own business coined ‘5 Calls a Day’.

This basically means staying in contact with at least 5 x people a day that you know. This could be a phone call, Facebook Message, personal email or whatever the case maybe. It is not people I work with generally, but making some form of pro-active contact with someone who I know, like and haven’t seen in a while.

I started this process about 3 weeks ago and the results have been amazing. When you say hello to people, most ignore you – but say 1/3 will say hello, ask for a meeting to reconnect or even hire me. It’s been awesome! It’s a great simple contact strategy that anyone can day which has been something that I have started.

5 calls / contacts a day is totally nothing and it’s with people you know that are say in your target market. For me, that is Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs and as I started this new approach the results have been nothing but amazing.

If you think about it, that is making contact with say 25 people a week (assuming 5 days). You only need a 1 out of 25 positive result to make it totally worth it and it doesn’t take much time at all. Yes, I love Facebook, Email Marketing and all that – and they are great, but are not replacements for personal contact and proving to people that you care.

My advice? Do it. If you are starting out this may be hard, but if you have been going for a short while – this very simple contact strategy can make all the different. Most people ignore you, but the awesome will say hello.

Enjoy the tip, so simple, share this post, thank you and stay awesome!

Your own resistance group

Allo Allo was one of those great shows that defined my childhood, which to this day inspires me...

Allo Allo was one of those great shows that defined my childhood, which to this day inspires me…(Thank you BBC and ‘Allo ‘Allo, full image credit)

I met an amazing business man today who is an Ex-Army Officer and someone who is madly successful. I have a big feeling he will hire me to help him in his fine business and as I reflected on how awesome we was we were sharing experiences of our fine team.

He hires direct staff and I have lots of tactical partners who are great. Interesting in that we are both successful in our own right and he is an ‘intelligent’ man who succeeded without hitting rock bottom like I did.

I was the ‘not so intelligent’ who hit rock bottom, lived in his car and made a come back. As I reflected on his funny story we shared lots of ideas and have a very different mindset on how things work in the business.

It was really funny and I got us both laughing and here goes:

Intelligent Businessman (him): Has the viewpoint of systems, processes, control and has had awesome growth time on time. It’s all about controlling the team and sustainable growth in a world full of opportunities for success and results.

Come Back Businessman (me): Has the viewpoint of energy, results, big things and working on growth, ideas and plans to get the upper hand. It’s all about working with my colleagues in a tactical ‘resistance’ group manner at times against a tough world that has dealt us a tough hand.

We both were vastly different, yet laughed at each others type of business style. Successful guy with years of growth and success who is in ‘Command’ versus the guy who lived in his car with his ‘Resistance’ group of friends making it.

What humored me about this experience was reflecting on how I have succeeded and I couldn’t help think of that old awesome show ‘Allo ‘Allo which I quite relate too. It’s an old British Comedy of a rag-tag group of French Resistance fighters somehow winning through creativity, luck and crazy ideas against the Nazi German’s.

In way, I can kind of relate to that in my business today. My success has come from very unconventional means of using every trick I have in the book to get the upper hand. So far so good!

The trick I have found is that you build your own team in which you help your friends succeed & likewise they help you succeed.

Sure, you may be a bit ‘rag-tag’ at times but when you get your own ‘Resistance Group’ happening, life is good. And lots of fun too.

My advice? Think of your story, your business style and approach. I bet lots of you reading this blog are bouncing back from rough times. My story. You may evolve and be more of the ‘resistance’ type of leader in your own business. If you have had years of success, then I say awesome – you may more organized like the Germans lol

Love your work, thanks for read, thank you to my friend from today for the inspiration and stay awesome!

P.S. Full image credit to ‘Allo ‘Allo, one of the best shows ever!

What Gordon Ramsay has taught me about business…

Say what you want, but he gets stuff done! (Image Credit and Thanks to the Evening Standard)

Say what you want, but he gets stuff done! (Image Credit and Thanks to the Evening Standard)

From throwing rubbery chicken at walls, to swearing at people which cannot even cook pasta or yelling at people for celebrating achievement too early, I have been vastly entertained and impressed by the awesome Gordon Ramsay lately.

Strangely enough, I am a guy who gets into trends quite early – but I kind of discovered Gordon in my own unique way much later. I found myself watching some of his clips on YouTube and there was just something about hit nutty antics that got me more vested in what he does.

Gordon is a genius in my book. Yes, he is successful, knows how to create compelling television but I actually wanted to focus on a different element of his management style that has just purely impressed me. Basically this:

– Gordon Ramsay is fast, nips problems in the bud, gets stuff done and delivers high quality.

Yes he yells, yes he screams, yes he throws stuff – but he only does it for the right reasons. That is, if someone does a great job he is the first to congratulate them. If someone slackens off, talks back to him in his kitchen (which I think is suicidal) he will challenge them in a very funny way.

You know what? I think that is completely fair. Like it or not (I love it), Gordon Ramsay delivers results time and time again. I have been modelling aspects of Gordon into myself and it’s gone incredibly well so far.

Basically, I would always be nervous of giving negative feedback to people. The problem is that by not giving them the truth, is that they will never improve (likewise back to me too). I would also be afraid at times of difficult conversations.

But with a ‘dose’ of Gordon, it’s easy. I can give negative feedback with a smile now as I channel his awesome energy into giving feedback delivered in my own unique way. This has made me more effective, work faster, harder and deliver more to my clients.

Perfect! My lessons? Gordon Ramsay is awesome and watch him. Look closely at how quickly he gives negative feedback and how quickly this leads to positive results. The world and the market doesn’t care how we feel, it cares how quickly we deliver and of what quality.

Don’t be afraid to create waves. Just focus on the job, the quality and the rest comes.

Love your work Gordon and thank you!

And thank you my friend for reading this article, share it with those it can help and Stay Awesome from Ed!

P.S. Full image credit to the Evening Standard for a photo of my hero.

Pumping out those videos

Keep pumping them out!

Keep pumping them out!

As I write this blog, I am working with some very amazing people in the Order of Saint John. We have a busy year working ahead and right now they are deep into administration.

My speaking slot isn’t till a bit later, so I thought I would write a blog talking about what I have personally gone through with my own Facebook Video Marketing Strategy.

Overall, Facebook has been great to me and when it comes to pumping out videos, it’s a very volatile experience. Sometimes I get heaps of views (and I am talking hundreds of thousands), then for whatever reason it goes back to merely hundreds, then it bounces back to thousands and the like.

It’s changed a whole lot as I have worked on Facebook and in fact is the third cycle this has happened. I feel the frustration right now of my video views dropping from the hundreds of thousands to the pure thousands now and it’s cool. They are building again and I it’s taught me one big lesson over and over again:

Don’t worry about it and keep pumping it out!

Simple as that. I have spent lots of time and unnecessary mind energy think thinking about Facebook showing my stuff or not and it hasn’t been productive.

What I have learned is that it’s just comes down to doing the videos, regardless of what I feel or what I think.

And it’s working! The strategy of pumping out videos on my Facebook Page is working just great in terms of interest and getting new clients.

My advice? Don’t worry keep pumping it out! Pure and simple.

Feel free to check out my Facebook Page here, you can see me in action.

Love your work, thanks for the read, share this blog with those it can help and stay awesome!

Webinar: Edward’s Favourite High Return & Low Cost Marketing Strategies

Enjoy the recording and sharing is caring!

Enjoy the recording and sharing is caring!

As I write this note, it’s Australia Day and I am yet to have coffee, visit the gym, barely awake – yet totally inspired by the amazing people that joined our live experience last night on the webinar.

We have gone in a new direction with our webinars focusing not so much on theory and ‘how to do stuff’ but more on my own story.

People love it when we tell the truth (surprise, surprise) and in this scenario, I like to go into what I have actually stuffed up, got average results on and then of course focus on what has truly worked for me and I seek to proudly stand behind.

This webinar was another experience such as that where I chose to dig a little deeper, look a little closer into what I have done and come up with some new compelling ideas to make things happen.

Please enjoy this one on the house right here. If you love what you see and haven’t already – love you to join our email community (should be a form at the top) and also check out my website for my mine Knowledge and Mentoring Programs.

Enjoy, please share this with those it can help and trust it helps you become even more awesome.

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor, Commentator, Blogger and man who needs to go the gym now


Lady Luck and when the coin lands on tails

Like to poor Vault Boy from Fallout 4, sometimes things just don't land in our favour...

Like to poor Vault Boy from Fallout 4, sometimes things just don’t land in our favour…

I know this statement to be true in that things don’t always play out the way we like. What business and the streets of Sydney have taught me is that we can only control so many factors.

My Monday today has been an example of that with things just not playing out the way I would generally like. In fact, I got so bad – I am have accepted the situation and I am just working through it one step at a time.

For my morning already I lost my keys, had a flat tyre, changed it, injured myself while changing it (ran my knuckle on the concrete – out lol), missed paying some bills due to change of address, a website update didn’t go through correctly, a meeting time got confused with a client and it’s only 10:09AM.

What is funny about all this, is that all these factors impacting me are just out of my control. It’s been a funny day and multiple factors hitting at once to the point where I am just doing my best to keep up and work on what I need to work on.

The reality of this all and a great mode of thinking to keep one patient / sane is accepting the truth:

We don’t actually control a lot around us!

Sure, we lead, get stuff done, push ourselves, influence – but the truth is that we are dependent on so many other variables and people around us.

Sometimes it all goes well, sometimes a few things break and sometimes everyone breaks.

A great humorous example of this is Vault Boy from the video game ‘Fallout 4’. It’s a very boy thing and in this video where I used the image, it shows Vault Boy filliping a coin with “Live / Die” on both sides.

Tragically, the coin lands on the “Die” side and a cow then just lands on him. Very funny, poor Vault Boy and very true. Sometimes, this just happens to us and it sucks and is tough.

Like business and reality – when it happens, it happens and we just go to run with it. Do what we can, control what we can, get things fixed and move on.

For me, it’s now 10:16AM and wish me luck LOL

It happens! But I am still smiling.

Love your work awesome friends, have a great day, share my blog and speak soon.

P.S. Thank you to Bethesda Softworks, Fallout 4, Vault Boy and for the great image.

Ups, downs, ups, downs, ups and winning!

Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down - Just keep at it!

Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down – Just keep at it!

My business and blogging career has grown and grown as of late and it’s been a very positive experience. The continual exposure has brought me new clients, reactivated earlier clients and kept me top of mind and on the map when it comes to Marketing Mentors about town.

As I have been going more in the Business Chamber and Blogging / Video direction it has created it’s own new challenges which have inspired me to work on a much deeper level. One big part of this strategy and new life play out for me is the “Ups and Downs” of it.

Some days my videos go crazy, get me lots of views and some really just wane in what they do. I have had some weeks were my videos are viral and some weeks – where they get minimal views and it can get you questioning things.

My big lesson of all this has been running with the highs and lows of the experience of posting posts. I have found it easy to make some posts and get amazing views and think “Wow, I am awesome” and then at times – really struggle to get views.

There are a lot of reasons for this – anything from the popularity of my videos, timing, whether I have other videos going viral at the time (which seems to lift everything up), the amount of negative feedback I may get on videos, positive feedback or whatever the case maybe.

Basically, it varies for a range of many factors outside of one’s control which can play with one’s mind.

I have learned that you must not let that happen. That is, you maybe say will visit X number of networking events, post Y times to Facebook each day and you will get natural ups and downs.

You will have many days where you get nothing, then all of a sudden you pick up very massive and awesome accounts.

It happens in what we do and that’s great!

My big lesson with all of this? Depending on your nature it can play with your emotions and that is great. Know that, deal with it – and regardless, keep pumping out the posts / marketing / visting events (or whatever the case).

I have had days where I have felt “No way”, but I stuck at it, I strike gold and then I am back in the zone.

Just keep at it! We have our average, our awful and our awesome.

Using Facebook as an example for me? At least 5 x videos a day. Some bomb, most go well. Some go crazy. Regardless of how I feel? Just keep putting them out.

Love your work, thanks for the read, please share this away and stay awesome friends.

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor x x

Viral Marketing: The elusive yet possible

Pretty Happy!

Pretty Happy!

I have been in business for a good 4 – 5 years now (4 years full time) and for the last 12 – 18 months I have been going hard with Facebook. It’s been a tough one for a while, yet I finally cracked my approach and it’s awesome.

What it has come down to ultimately is producing so much video content, everyday, making it as interesting and helpful as possible – getting people as fans and then having the shares come in. For quite a while, I really did feel like I was hitting my head against a brick wall – however, the results started coming in.

Slowly, slowly, slowly – people would start sharing content and before I knew it, it has really built up into an impressive gathering which I am really excited and proud of. Basically, about 1 in 6 of my posts right now are going viral. My definition of viral – being shared at least 5 times.

Some have been shared hundreds of times. If I am trying to answer the question, ‘Edward how do I create a viral post?’ the answer is this:

Pump out as many posts as possible which are awesome. Do at least 5 a day. Then as you get better, content will start going viral.

This has happened to me and even I did get a bit lucky, I have had 1.6 million people see my posts in the last 7 days! Very awesome and proud of that.

Please feel free to check out my Facebook Page ‘Awesome Marketing with Edward Zia’ to see for yourself right here.

Trust you enjoyed the blog, share it with those it can help and stay awesome!

1.2 Million Post Views on Facebook in 7 days

It's a very cool feeling...

It’s a very cool feeling…

I have been totally blown away today by some amazing results. As I sit at my desk writing this article on a warm summer evening in Sydney, I have exceeded 1.2 Million Post Views on Facebook! I am very chuffed about this experience and you can check out my page for yourself at ‘Awesome Marketing with Edward Zia’.

The sales have been fantastic from this and if I think about how I did it, it was quite a ‘Hero’s Journey’ in attaining that. For the last 1 – 2 years I have been very heavily working on Facebook. Doing everything from Boosted Posts, Paid Advertising, Photos and the lot – and was previously quite frustrated at my results.

I just was not quite getting it and after lots of research I realised I had to come up with quite a brand new strategy to get this one nailed. I knew video was taking off on Facebook and I did lots of experimenting with that.

As I worked through things, I realised that if I am going to pull this off – it will be with some type of video strategy. Sure, I was doing them ‘here and there’, but it wasn’t anything to write home about. As I continued my research – I found out that the only way to pull this off is doing about 5 x videos a day.

5 x videos a day! Am I nuts?

Well, yes I am nuts. I am also brilliant and my results vindicate the fact I was correct. As I started pumping out 5 x videos per day, I had a lot of unlikes, unfriends, haters trashing me, trolling and it was tough!

But guess what happens after the first 30 days? They were all gone and I started to build a following of people that love what I do. Then they started sharing it and awesome! As time passed, it went from one to dozens sharing my content and for some posts – it’s been in the hundreds.

I have had tons of viral posts go out this week and I checked today, 1.2 Million Post reach! What does this mean sales wise? Lots of leads and it’s been awesome.

My take and thinking from this! Video on Facebook rocks. Find your style and pump them out. It rocks.

More to come on this one. Share this article with those it can help, stay awesome and love your work.

The dark moments that define us

Dark times get you focusing on what really matters. My cat was safe and I was happy!

Dark times get you focusing on what really matters. My cat was safe and I was happy!

I know this blog will be one that will either get massive agreement or disagreement from you fine readers. It’s about the ‘dark’ moments that I have had in my life that have really defined me for the better.

I have found over the years that people are one or the other. Some will define themselves by massive wins, achievements and positive experiences. Some (my camp) are the direct opposite, usually coming from the view of defining oneself based on their style of a survivalist.

Today was an awesome day of productivity, working with amazing people and a long one! It’s 11:09PM as I make these key strokes, my awesome cat is licking my arm (which is almost painful with his rough tongue) and I have done at least an hour of walking to get home at this time of night.

As I walked through the parks late at night, the nice weather, the many homeless I saw and the various park benches got me thinking of some of the darker moments of my life. For me, many have been paved by various bouts I have of having nowhere to go and ‘sleeping rough’ quite a few times (‘sleeping rough’ is the PC term for being homeless).

I kind of relieved some of these experiences with actually some very rough weeks a few years ago. A long term relationship went south, I moved in somewhere else – got kicked out after few weeks and I remember having 8 hours of clients the next day.

It was a strange experience in that I would work with my clients, forget my problems and when the evening hit – reality kicked into as that I had nowhere to go. This was a very tough time of my life for me in that I kind of felt like I was living two lives. One was this ‘Handsome Successful Marketing Consultant’ by day and at night, I was harbouring this secret of being someone who felt quite sad that was sleeping in his car (until I figured out).

I was a total tactical failure on my end (but I did win the war though x x) and it was my total secret at the time. I actually told everyone how awesome things where and I remember at the time I was actually questioning my existence (it wasn’t till later on that I told my story after I was really successful). Not in that I was suicidal, no way at all. It was more me thinking and questioning god in saying that “Maybe I have lived long enough? Rightly or wrongly, I don’t fit into the world and that’s awesome. If it’s the end for me, I am cool with that”.

If you know me and my personal motto “Survive, Adapt, Win” – losing for long is not quite in my language. I put my problems aside and took every day as it came. Sometimes, it was living hour by hour.

Just get to the next hour, do a great job, stay focused and as long as I get to the next hour – I will be able to figure out what to do next. One thing I remembered was my thinking at the time. I didn’t play victim at all – in fact, I totally deserved what happened to me. I saw that as a ‘just punishment’ for me and some of things I did earlier in my life (to some very good people that I am not proud of) and that very ‘Catholic’ thinking actually kept me grounded and focused.

It wasn’t long actually until things turned around in my life for the better. My business ironically grew during that period, I found a place to live, my cat was safe and looked after with a focus of win, win and win.

I look back now and feel the pain of what I went through and you know what I think now?

It was awesome!

This experience made me into one tough cookie and even though it took me a few years to language my motto, “Survive, Adapt, Win” became the creed that which defined me and which I live by.

The thinking led to greater success in business in that I felt quite unstoppable and I remember during that time I said to God “Lord, if I survive this one – I will better dedicate my life to you”. Hence I did that! I became a Templar / Knight in the Order of Saint John and this pain drove me to helping others.

Isn’t that awesome? My darkest moments made me better, stronger, smarter and more charitable.

My lessons on this one? Dark moments are awesome. Lucky I had them. No way I would be as awesome now without them. If you are going through that moment, if you believe in God – focus on what he / she has in store for your life. If you don’t, I doubt science is going to help you here. Faith is the best.

Find your purpose, come back and remember – “Survive, Adapt, Win”.

Love your work, share this with those it can help and stay awesome!

Onwards, Upwards, No Surrender!

I used to sit around here pondering my business. 5 years later. Very Awesome.

I used to sit around here pondering my business. 5 years later. Very Awesome.

Today has been one of those days that I certainly mark down as a ‘Special Day’.

From seeing awesome clients about marketing, right through to basically life coaching someone today to help reboot their life – it’s been one of those days where I have drew on more my street smarts rather than academic education.

As I reflect on the day in this daily blog, I can’t help go back and and think about my morning. I had to visit one of my clients to drop off some items out in the South Western sector of Sydney.

Great place, very salt of the earth and kind people which is generally more manufacturing, transport and industry that most other parts of Sydney.

I got up early to beat the Sydney morning peak hour traffic (which can be totally evil at times) and I realized that I was going past my old workplace. After I got washed up, I got a Marketing job. Great people, very grateful – however being straight up, it was quite junior to what I was used too and was a massive drop from what I enjoyed in the peak of my career.

But I was no longer unemployed! It was a job and it was awesome! I could pay rent and eat (eating is fun).

I went back there and visited my old coffee shop and guess what? The whole gang was there. The awesome lady who made my coffee was at the machine and it was 5 years on since I have been there.

5 years! I walked around the nearby university and it got me thinking about how far I have come in 5 years. I used to be a very effective, focused (yet slightly frustrated) employee and I felt grateful in terms of the success I have today in all areas.

It got me thinking in many ways and I objectively asked myself how I did it. My answer boiled down to this:

I didn’t surrender and pushed myself that little bit harder everyday!

It made me reflect more and think how much I came in 5 years. If I keep going, imagine how awesome things will be in another 5 years?

Then I realized something critical – it’s all the little things I have done every day that have added up. Every little bit has added up to more success today. If I didn’t do it, I would be sad and broke right now.

My advice? Don’t surrender. Push yourself every day and every little day is another step in the right direction.

Got me thinking. Also too – make sure you thank people on the way up. Forever grateful for those great people giving me a job in my most desperate times!

Stay awesome, share this article with those it can help and thank you for reading ‘The Edward Files!’