Keep pumping them out!

Keep pumping them out!

As I write this blog, I am working with some very amazing people in the Order of Saint John. We have a busy year working ahead and right now they are deep into administration.

My speaking slot isn’t till a bit later, so I thought I would write a blog talking about what I have personally gone through with my own Facebook Video Marketing Strategy.

Overall, Facebook has been great to me and when it comes to pumping out videos, it’s a very volatile experience. Sometimes I get heaps of views (and I am talking hundreds of thousands), then for whatever reason it goes back to merely hundreds, then it bounces back to thousands and the like.

It’s changed a whole lot as I have worked on Facebook and in fact is the third cycle this has happened. I feel the frustration right now of my video views dropping from the hundreds of thousands to the pure thousands now and it’s cool. They are building again and I it’s taught me one big lesson over and over again:

Don’t worry about it and keep pumping it out!

Simple as that. I have spent lots of time and unnecessary mind energy think thinking about Facebook showing my stuff or not and it hasn’t been productive.

What I have learned is that it’s just comes down to doing the videos, regardless of what I feel or what I think.

And it’s working! The strategy of pumping out videos on my Facebook Page is working just great in terms of interest and getting new clients.

My advice? Don’t worry keep pumping it out! Pure and simple.

Feel free to check out my Facebook Page here, you can see me in action.

Love your work, thanks for the read, share this blog with those it can help and stay awesome!



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