Enjoy the recording and sharing is caring!

Enjoy the recording and sharing is caring!

As I write this note, it’s Australia Day and I am yet to have coffee, visit the gym, barely awake – yet totally inspired by the amazing people that joined our live experience last night on the webinar.

We have gone in a new direction with our webinars focusing not so much on theory and ‘how to do stuff’ but more on my own story.

People love it when we tell the truth (surprise, surprise) and in this scenario, I like to go into what I have actually stuffed up, got average results on and then of course focus on what has truly worked for me and I seek to proudly stand behind.

This webinar was another experience such as that where I chose to dig a little deeper, look a little closer into what I have done and come up with some new compelling ideas to make things happen.

Please enjoy this one on the house right here. If you love what you see and haven’t already – love you to join our email community (should be a form at the top) and also check out my website for my mine Knowledge and Mentoring Programs.

Enjoy, please share this with those it can help and trust it helps you become even more awesome.

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor, Commentator, Blogger and man who needs to go the gym now




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