Like to poor Vault Boy from Fallout 4, sometimes things just don't land in our favour...

Like to poor Vault Boy from Fallout 4, sometimes things just don’t land in our favour…

I know this statement to be true in that things don’t always play out the way we like. What business and the streets of Sydney have taught me is that we can only control so many factors.

My Monday today has been an example of that with things just not playing out the way I would generally like. In fact, I got so bad – I am have accepted the situation and I am just working through it one step at a time.

For my morning already I lost my keys, had a flat tyre, changed it, injured myself while changing it (ran my knuckle on the concrete – out lol), missed paying some bills due to change of address, a website update didn’t go through correctly, a meeting time got confused with a client and it’s only 10:09AM.

What is funny about all this, is that all these factors impacting me are just out of my control. It’s been a funny day and multiple factors hitting at once to the point where I am just doing my best to keep up and work on what I need to work on.

The reality of this all and a great mode of thinking to keep one patient / sane is accepting the truth:

We don’t actually control a lot around us!

Sure, we lead, get stuff done, push ourselves, influence – but the truth is that we are dependent on so many other variables and people around us.

Sometimes it all goes well, sometimes a few things break and sometimes everyone breaks.

A great humorous example of this is Vault Boy from the video game ‘Fallout 4’. It’s a very boy thing and in this video where I used the image, it shows Vault Boy filliping a coin with “Live / Die” on both sides.

Tragically, the coin lands on the “Die” side and a cow then just lands on him. Very funny, poor Vault Boy and very true. Sometimes, this just happens to us and it sucks and is tough.

Like business and reality – when it happens, it happens and we just go to run with it. Do what we can, control what we can, get things fixed and move on.

For me, it’s now 10:16AM and wish me luck LOL

It happens! But I am still smiling.

Love your work awesome friends, have a great day, share my blog and speak soon.

P.S. Thank you to Bethesda Softworks, Fallout 4, Vault Boy and for the great image.



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