Say what you want, but he gets stuff done! (Image Credit and Thanks to the Evening Standard)

Say what you want, but he gets stuff done! (Image Credit and Thanks to the Evening Standard)

From throwing rubbery chicken at walls, to swearing at people which cannot even cook pasta or yelling at people for celebrating achievement too early, I have been vastly entertained and impressed by the awesome Gordon Ramsay lately.

Strangely enough, I am a guy who gets into trends quite early – but I kind of discovered Gordon in my own unique way much later. I found myself watching some of his clips on YouTube and there was just something about hit nutty antics that got me more vested in what he does.

Gordon is a genius in my book. Yes, he is successful, knows how to create compelling television but I actually wanted to focus on a different element of his management style that has just purely impressed me. Basically this:

– Gordon Ramsay is fast, nips problems in the bud, gets stuff done and delivers high quality.

Yes he yells, yes he screams, yes he throws stuff – but he only does it for the right reasons. That is, if someone does a great job he is the first to congratulate them. If someone slackens off, talks back to him in his kitchen (which I think is suicidal) he will challenge them in a very funny way.

You know what? I think that is completely fair. Like it or not (I love it), Gordon Ramsay delivers results time and time again. I have been modelling aspects of Gordon into myself and it’s gone incredibly well so far.

Basically, I would always be nervous of giving negative feedback to people. The problem is that by not giving them the truth, is that they will never improve (likewise back to me too). I would also be afraid at times of difficult conversations.

But with a ‘dose’ of Gordon, it’s easy. I can give negative feedback with a smile now as I channel his awesome energy into giving feedback delivered in my own unique way. This has made me more effective, work faster, harder and deliver more to my clients.

Perfect! My lessons? Gordon Ramsay is awesome and watch him. Look closely at how quickly he gives negative feedback and how quickly this leads to positive results. The world and the market doesn’t care how we feel, it cares how quickly we deliver and of what quality.

Don’t be afraid to create waves. Just focus on the job, the quality and the rest comes.

Love your work Gordon and thank you!

And thank you my friend for reading this article, share it with those it can help and Stay Awesome from Ed!

P.S. Full image credit to the Evening Standard for a photo of my hero.



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